A new US policy for the Americas- By David jessop

The View from Europe  By David Jessop

A new US policy for the Americas

Last week the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, spelt out a new US policy for the Americas. In a major address in Washington, he confirmed the approach that took hold during President Obama’s first term, formally drew a line under the Cold War, and set aside, hopefully forever, the interventionist thinking that has underwritten US policy towards the hemisphere since 1823.
His remarks also gave prominence to US thinking on Cuba, making clear that the new policy also applied to relations with Havana.

Speaking at an event co-sponsored by the Inter-American Dialogue and the Organization of American States on November 18, the Secretary of State declared that the era of the Monroe Doctrine was over and that the United States will no longer seek to intervene in the affairs of other American states. The US was moving on, he said, and was making a different choice.  

For those who may not know, the Monroe Doctrine emerged from US President JamesMonroe’s annual message to Congress in 1823 which in part warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere. The approach which came to mean that only the US had the right to intervene was invoked symbolically in 1962 when the world stood on the edge of nuclear Armageddon after the Soviet Union began to build missile-launching sites in Cuba.    [Read more]

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