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Georgetown: A MAN MADE DISASTER – by Ralph Ramkarran


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Posted on November 30, 2013

Georgetown is already a disaster. An explosion of disease is all that remains to condemn the city as unsafe for human habitation. The spectacle of Georgetown and its environs under water was not unusual but the mixture of water with muck and floating garbage from clogged drains could only be described as gross. Even though the Government has taken control of the city’s administration, the interminable blame game continues, while the city gets worse every year, just when we felt that it was so bad it could not.

Yet we were recently regaled by Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, a Champion of the Earth, not bother about clogged drains. The daily column in Guyana Times, Eyewitness, nowadays reflects his views in uncannily familiar language, close to his own. It regularly takes issue with anyone, including me, who may have ignited, or could potentially ignite, the great man’s infamously short fuse in puerile analyses and ‘pathetic’ (Eyewitness’s word) conclusions, but has not pontificated on the relationship between clogged drains and flooding in the city.   Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Magazine – Nov 2013

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GCA November 2013

One day the PNC will say enough is enough – Freddie Kissoon

One day the PNC will say enough is enough


Last week, protestors in Thailand invaded a number of Ministries and took them over, cutting water and electricity supply. The Government invoked security laws and the next day, the protestors invaded the army headquarters.

The main parliamentary opposition has joined the protestors. They openly stated aim of the demonstrators is to remove the Government. At the time of writing there is no police action. What is the reason for the grievance? They say that the politically disgraced brother of the Prime Minister is the real force behind her power.

In Kiev, protestors for the third day are out in their numbers reminding the world of the Orange Revolution in the early nineties that brought down the government. What is their motive? The Ukrainian Government backed off signing a trade agreement with the EU.
In neither of the two examples cited, police brutality, authoritarian policy-making, cruel governmental action and horrible power abuse were the reasons for the anger. In many other lands as this article is being written, people are protesting for things that are far less egregious than what obtains in Guyana.     Continue reading

Georgetown, Guyana – A Political pawn – commentary

Georgetown, Guyana –  A Political pawn

December 1, 2013 · Stabroek News· Editorial   Comments   

One might be forgiven for thinking that we have a government which is incapable of making simple deductions, or learning from experience, or alighting on an obvious solution to an old, old problem. And the temptation to accept these hypotheses about the administration’s limitations was never greater than on Wednesday of last week.  [see Stabroek news editorial “Flooding” at end of this article.]

There was the city and its environs, home to perhaps anything like a quarter or more of this nation’s population (no one can be quite sure since the results of the 2012 census have not yet been published), under several inches of filthy water. Schools in the capital and on the East Bank and East Coast had to be closed – 43 were still closed on Thursday and 15 on Friday – many businesses could not function and normal economic and social activity was severely disrupted.

Now one might have thought it would have occurred to those who rule over us that a situation like this occurring as it does with such unrelenting regularity would be totally unacceptable in any major urban area, let alone in a capital city. Georgetown is, after all, the hub of business and commerce in this nation, and it attracts people from a considerable distance seeking to access its services or earn their living.  So what on earth is the government thinking?  Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News reports – 29 November 2013

Capitol News – TV News reports – 29 November 2013

  • Union continues to protest 5% salary increase imposition
  • Toddler among victims left homeless in East Coast fire
  • Mysterious fire guts Comfort Sleep property
  • Lotto Company Lights up GPHC Yard with Christmas tree
  • Sports
  • Bartica woman is Courts Latest Millionaire
  • Ramroop goes after Historic Bourda Cricket Ground

Click links below to view TV news reports:   Continue reading

A Song of Joy by Miguel Ríos – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision



In my Poetry Corner during the December celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, I feature the song, “A Song of Joy,” the English version of “Himno a la Alegria” by Miguel Ríos, a renowned Spanish Rock & Roll singer and songwriter. Released in May 1970 in the United States and the United Kingdom, “A Song of Joy” hit the Top Charts.

Miguel Ríos’ song is a symphonic rock adaptation of “Ode to Joy,” the English version of “Ode an die Freude,” composed by the German poet Friedrich Schiller in 1785 and later revised in 1803. Ludwig van Beethoven used Schiller’s poem in the final movement of his Ninth Symphony, known as “the Choral,” completed in 1824, nineteen years after Schiller’s death. Sung by four vocal soloists and a chorus, the “Ode to Joy” endures to this day as a celebration of the brotherhood and unity…

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