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Next Steps for the U.S.-Iran Deal – commentary

Next Steps for the U.S.-Iran Deal

Analysis STRATFOR   –   November 25, 2013 | 
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran after talks in Geneva on Nov. 24. ARASH KHAMOOSHI/AFP/Getty Images


What was unthinkable for many people over many years happened in the early hours of Nov. 24 in Geneva: The United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran struck a deal. After a decadelong struggle, the two reached an accord that seeks to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program remains a civilian one. It is a preliminary deal, and both sides face months of work to batten down domestic opposition, build convincing mechanisms to assure compliance and unthread complicated global sanctions.
That is the easy part. More difficult will be the process to reshape bilateral relations while virtually every regional player in the Middle East seeks ways to cope with an Iran that is no longer geopolitically encumbered.    Continue reading

The National Geographic recommendation comes with a caveat

The National Geographic recommendation comes with a caveat

Stabroek News, November 27, 2013 –  LETTERS

 Dear Editor,

So the National Geographic Traveler has listed Guyana as one of the top 21 must-see places for 2014. Is this the great breakthrough the tourist industry has been waiting for; the one that will finally set Guyana on the eco-travel map, the one that will finally bring all those adventure- and nature-hungry visitors to our shores?

I’m afraid not. I’m afraid it’s too early for self-congratulations and visions of swarms of foreign visitors arriving here only to be simply blown away by all our beauties and wonders. There’s an elephant in the room, and its name is Georgetown.  And as long as we ignore this blight on our lovely land we cannot expect to be anything else but an outlier on the map of preferred tourist destinations.    Continue reading

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