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Douglas Day The Cultural Way – Guyana-born BC’s First Governor – video

Douglas Day The Cultural Way – in British Columbia

Published on Nov 20, 2013 . Canada: British Columbia’s (BC) became a Crown Colony of Britain in 1858.  Its first Governor was  British Guiana (Guyana) born Sir James Douglas. He is remembered every year on BC’s Birthday. celebrated this year on November 16 at Langley BC.

This video reports the event in honor of BC’s Birthday, where Parks Canada celebrated the proclamation of BC by Sir James Douglas, with a cultural theme.   Dean Atwal of JoyTVNews takes a trip through time…     Continue reading

15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T…. and the world – videos

15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T… and the world

Here are five videos on self-taught innovator Kelvin Doe (15), of Sierra Leone.  The first video was published on Nov 16, 2012 after his visit to MIT.   One year later, it has over 5.3 million views.  He has become an inspiration to youth worldwide.    Continue reading

Toasting success with Guyana’s first winery

Toasting success with Guyana’s first winery

By: Tangerine Clarke – caribbealifenews.com   
                                                                                   Click to: Enlarge this image
Picture: Master winemaker, Warren Douglas proudly displays two of his Pandama vintage from his winery and retreat located at Madewini, on the Linden Soesdyke Highway in Guyana.  Photo by Tangerine Clarke       

When Warren Douglas decided to produce wine on a broad scale, he chose his homeland where the pristine natural environment, and variety of fruits were the perfect welcome back for the Guyanese-American who left his adopted Charlotte, North Carolina home for a life of tranquility.Douglas’ wife Tracy, a fashion designer and painter also wanted to embrace her talents and share her knowledge with others, so four years ago the couple combined their skills and embraced a future that opened up new vistas for them in the peaceful Madewini region, on the Soesdyke, Linden Highway.   Continue reading

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