Lal Balkaran – “Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers”

Lal Balkaran – “Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers”

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Dear Readers,

I am a Toronto-based based Guyanese author specialising in compiling reference books on Guyana. One such book of mine “Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers” with a Foreword written by the late Professor Jan Carew was first published in 2002 and revised in 2005 and 2009.

It is an invaluable literary reference covering a full spectrum of scholarship; from novels, poetry, and other literary anthologies, to scientific work. Over 5,000 copies have been sold worldwide.

This last edition contains 2000 titles and 1100 authors with the titles categorized into 73 subject areas: Afro-Guyanese; Agriculture; Amerindians; Amerindian Languages; Archaeology; Architecture; Art; Bibliography; Biography; Border Issues; Botany; Business; Caribbean; Cattle Ranching; Cheddi Jagan; Children; Chinese-Guyanese; Church History; Conservation; Cooking; Country Profile; Cultural Issues; Economic Development; Ecosystem; Education; El Dorado; Environment; Espionage; Family Life; Folk Tales; Foreign Interference; Geography; Geology; Global Issues; Healthcare; History; Ichthyology; Immigration Issues; Indo-Guyanese; Jonestown; Language Studies; Legal History and Cases; Literature; Local Government; Media; Memoirs; Military Affairs; Mind, Body, and Spirit; Mining; Missionary Work; Music; Natural History; Novel; Ornithology; Philately; Photographic Scenes; Poetry; Political History; Politics; Pork Knockers; Portuguese-Guyanese; Prose; Race Relations; Religion; Research; Social Studies; Sports; Trade Unions; Travel and Exploration; Walter Rodney; Women’s Issues; and Zoology.

It is indeed astonishing that a small country like ours can produce so many authors on such a wide range of subject matters. No other Caribbean country has matched this.

I am now collecting information for a fourth edition to be out in mid-2014. Through this letter, I am asking readers to send me any information on books on Guyana or by Guyanese (regardless of where they live) on any subject published since 2009. It does not matter whether the book is self-published or co-published or whether the author or publisher is obscure.
Books that contain a few pages or whole sections on Guyana are also welcomed, e.g., Arthur A. Schlesinger Jr’s A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House (Houghton Mifflin: New York, 1965) which has a few pages dealing with the role of Kennedy and the White House in undermining the democratically-elected government of Dr. Cheddi Jagan in the early 1960s.

All I need is the full title of the book, publisher’s name, city located and year the work was published. The category of the subject matter should also be submitted, e.g., novel, poetry, autobiography, politics, mining, etc. Examples are as follows:

Melville, Pauline
The Ventriloquist’s Tale (Bloomsbury: London, 1997) [Novel]

Rabe, Stephen G.
U.S. Intervention in British Guiana (The University of North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill: 2005) [Politics and Espionage]

Rodney, Walter
A History of the Guyanese Working People, Vol.1. 1881-1905 (Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore, 1981). [Politics and Trade Unions]
Preserving our literary heritage and showcasing it for the world to see are two good reasons to keep this project updated.

Lal Balkaran

Download and/or print: Lal Balkaran – Bibliography update letter

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 11/25/2013 at 5:00 pm

    Mr. Balkaran, thanks for the work you do in updating your “Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers”. I look forward to obtaining a copy of your fourth revised edition when it becomes available next year.

    Your “Timelines of Guyanese History 1498-2006” has been a great resource when writing my first novel set in Guyana during the period 1950-1970.

  • Sankat  On 11/26/2013 at 2:42 pm

    See here for a list of works by some Indo-Guyanese writers. You will have to sift through to determine which are the Guyanese writers.

  • wally n  On 05/07/2021 at 4:15 pm

    The Schooling of Children of Caribbean Heritage
    Nehaul’s meticulous observation of the performance of twenty five children of Caribbean descent in schools with “positive” approaches to them is set against her scholarly critique of earlier research studies. She constructs a model by which all the factors that obtain in children’s performance in school can be considered: family and friendships, innate ability, motivation and compliance, as well as curriculum, resources, ethos and teacher attitudes
    Unfortunately, nothing changed,much.

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