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Crunch time for Caribbean Christmas cargo

Crunch time for Caribbean Christmas cargo
By Tangerine Clarke – November 21, 2013 / Caribbean Life
Picture: From left, Marcia Conyers, administrative supervisor, Vance Miller, warehouse supervisor and Gavin Kahn, associate vice president of Laparkan Trading and Logistics. [Photo by Steve Solomonson]

Shipping companies in the Caribbean community are inundated with procrastinators who are busy stuffing gifts and staple food items into containers and flat-rate boxes to meet the deadline so that relatives can have a ‘Happy Christmas’ back home.

Gavin Khan, Northeastern manager of Laparkan Trading and Logistics, is urging nationals to adhere to the cut-off times to ensure their cargo arrive in the various islands, and South American countries for the festive season.   Continue reading

Iran agrees to curb nuclear activity at Geneva talks – video

Iran agrees to curb nuclear activity at Geneva talks

Iran has agreed to curb some of its nuclear activities in return for about $7bn (£4.3bn) in sanctions relief, after days of intense talks in Geneva.

US President Barack Obama welcomed the deal, saying it included “substantial limitations which will help prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon”.  Iran agreed to give better access to inspectors and halt some of its work on uranium enrichment.

President Rouhani said the interim deal recognised Iran’s nuclear “rights”.  But he repeated, in a nationwide broadcast, that his country would never seek a nuclear weapon.   Continue reading

Giving Thanks – By Rosaliene Bacchus

R0saliene: “Happy Thanksgiving” to you and your family and friends.

Three Worlds One Vision

Happy Thanksgiving


On Thursday, 28 November 2013, Americans come together as a nation to celebrate Thanksgiving Day: A time to give thanks for God’s benefits on our nation and in our lives. Giving thanks may be far from our thoughts as we continue to live in uncertain and difficult times. Several people I know are facing adversity.

I give thanks for dark days; only then am I able to appreciate all that is good.
I give thanks for helplessness; it forces me to find my strength.
I give thanks for defeat; I learn not to underestimate my opponent.
I give thanks when I am in need; I learn to receive from others with an open heart.
I give thanks for the times I fail; success becomes mine to savor.
I give thanks for my fears; only then can I be truly courageous.
I give thanks when despair clouds my vision of…

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Finance Minister Ashni Singh outlines setbacks of CFATF Advisory

Finance Minister Ashni Singh outlines setbacks of CFATF Advisory

Dr. Ashni Singh

Dr. Ashni Singh

Finance Minister Dr.Ashni Singh on Saturday  November 23 outlined a number of setbacks that Guyanese will face as a result of an advisory by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF).

The advisory was issued at the regional financial crimes watchdog’s plenary held earlier this week in The Bahamas. CFATF members were told to take the necessary measures to insulate themselves from ongoing money laundering and terrorist financing risks after the National Assembly failed to amend the Anti Money Laundering and Countering of Financing Terrorism (AML/CFT) Act in keeping with CFATF recommendations.

The combined opposition has given several reasons for not approving the amendments including the need to ensure the law is watertight and that adequate systems are put in place to arrest and prosecute launderers of ill-gotten gains.

Full text from Dr. Ashni Singh:          Continue reading

Is Guyana a dirty money haven?

Is Guyana a dirty money haven?

NOVEMBER 23, 2013 | BY KNEWS |  Chris Ram warns of transaction delays

Christopher Ram

Christopher Ram

As Guyana begins to assess the likely impact from the region over a failure to pass critical anti-money laundering legislations, a leading auditor has warned against alarm and panic.

“We do not anticipate that countries will stop doing business with Guyana. We believe, however, that there will be consequences for businesses and individuals alike as other countries review the framework within which transactions are carried on with Guyana,” said Christopher Ram, a partner in Ram and McRae.

Ram, also a business analyst, believes that the most significant impact will be on time sensitive transactions as more questions are raised about the source and destination of funds and the purpose and validity of transactions which could ultimately translate into increased costs and possibly lost business opportunities.   Continue reading

GPHC’s nurses begin protesting 5% pay increase

GPHC’s nurses begin protesting 5% pay increase

NOVEMBER 23, 2013 | BY KNEWS |

 Uncle Ramotar, try living on US$200 for a month’- nurses 

Nurses at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were yesterday forced into a protest mode in the wake of the recent five percent increase of their salary for this year.
Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, on Wednesday, announced that public servants will get a five percent pay-hike for this year but workers across the country are not pleased with the increase.

Nurses protest

Nurses protest against 5% pay increase

Yesterday, a few nurses stood in front of the GPHC Accident and Emergency Unit carrying placards in their hands, promising to continue with their protest until the government decides to meet with their union, the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU).   

Nurses’ representative on the GPSU, Kempton Alexander, told Kaieteur News that the nurses will be using their lunch break to protest their disapproval of Government’s decision to give public servants an increase of only five percent.     Continue reading

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