A Chinese South American Republic or an extended Brazil – By Mark Steele

Looking further than the edge of ones nose 

The roads toward a Chinese South American Republic or an extended Brazil.

By Mark Steele

 The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) is right to be worried and perhaps they are the only ones with their heads not in the sand, They also seem to have the capability of looking beyond the edge of their noses.

They have as reported, called for the immediate stoppage of construction on a road intended to drive deep into the very heart of Guyana’s South Rupununi, that is likely to bring about a host of environmental problems in that prime cattle-ranching area. In short, Guyana’s last frontier is being breached by Brazilian mining interests in what is considered a reckless initiative of the Guyana government.  

The problems already generated by gold mining have included illegal exports of gold, tax avoidance, pollution of freshwater sources, un-controlled de-forestation

And corruption of indigenous Amerindian elected leaders. Villagers to the Rupununi’s  deep south village of Parabara were only recently told that a road would pass right through their village.

All this from the Government of our birth, the nation already on the verge of disaster caused by their own stuff up decisions and already blacklisted as indulging in money-laundering likely to affect transfer of funds into and out of the country and as being a terrorist-financing conduit.

A seemingly brainless Government, and their opposition led like bulls with rings through their noses is sending Guyana into worse that third world status. The capital city of Georgetown once a beautiful clean `Garden City’ is now in several areas filthy with un-collected garbage `dumps’ on the streets, drug barons trade free and easy and pay off `opponents’ and China is being encouraged to invest.

In the country and despite un-employment  in  Guyana is allowed to bring in quantities of construction workers, which many fear could lead one day to a Chinese State.

With the de-forestation it will spell the end Guyana’s Amerindian tribes, Guyana’s rare animals including the jaguars will be captured and shipped `live’ or skinned and their pelts exported and the jungles of Guyana will ultimately disappear leading to the destruction of the all important eco-system.

Now here is a further thought for you.  Mt Roraima lies on the border of both Brazil and Guyana but in naming it a state with its capital, Boa Vista already an attractive and thriving city, and with Brazil and Venezuela both hungry to feed on Guyana land with its mineral resources, how long will it be before their eyes seek to claim Kaieteur, remembering that all border disputes have never been settled and set in concrete.

This my fellow Guyanese is what is happening to Guyana the country of my birth, the country of birth of many of you spread far and wide, now being led  through  sheer greed and ignorance toward the perilous edge of financial disaster by nitwits, many of whom are happy to flout the law often for personal monetary gain.


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  • Cliff Thomas  On November 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    This is trash written by Mark Steele.

    • Ben Khan  On November 24, 2013 at 11:33 am

      This is no trash. This is reality to a knowledgeable person.
      Just like what is happening in parts of Europe, and Africa, the Chinese are
      trying to Colonise as much land as possible. Through bribery, corruption and greed they have no problem getting into Guyana Whatever investment they bring, will be costly down the road.

  • Claude Martins  On November 24, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    This is definitely no ‘trash’, This is a Guyanese who loves Guyana saying it like it is. Most of us are like the ostrich-buries its head in the sand when danger approaches! Guyana is like an eighteen wheeler with no brakes on a long down grade with the driver (politicians & their cronies) drinking from a bottle of our best Guyana rum. There are those of us who look at what is going on and shudder at the final outcome that we see unless GUYANESE do something. We ask ourselves –WHAT CAN I DO?

  • livinginguyana  On November 26, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Mark Steele does not live nor work in Guyana. He can sit in his ivory tower somewhere in North America and write sh..
    If Mark and Claude Martins love Guyana so much why are they living somewhere else.

  • Henry Horton  On November 29, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    we are living in a world of global capitalism – that is a reality and one of the reasons why many of you were so easily accommodated abroad. The Chinese are everywhere – they are a new power in the world and Brazil is our neighbour and a regional superpower. Guyana is now part of UNASUR. You correctly point out (Mr Steele) that we have a “brainless government”, unforrtunately the rest of your article appears xenophobic and completely uninformed.

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