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Global Eyes Magazine – Manitoba. Canada – 3rd Quarter 2013


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New ‘War’ Strategy at Georgetown City Hall – By Francis Quamina Farrier

New ‘War’ Strategy at Georgetown City Hall – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Stabroek -c

One of the many mounds of garbage in the Stabroek Market area

 New ‘War’ Strategy at Georgetown City Hall – By Francis Quamina Farrier

It seems as though the continuous lamentations emitting from the office of the mayor of the capital city of Guyana, Georgetown, might soon be coming to an end.

For the Christmas season, His Worship Mayor Hamilton Green, JP, has announced that he will be heading a team of volunteers to clean up the Stabroek Market area of all the garbage which is usually there, much to the disgust of many citizens.   Continue reading

Amerindian Guyana Tours – by Wilderness Explorers

Amerindian Guyana

For thousands of years the Guianan Shield has been home to a dynamic mix of Amerindian and immigrant populations: indigenous Akawaio, Arekuna, Carib, Macushi, Patamona, Waiwai, and Wapishana tribes have been joined in the last century by European colonialists, west African slaves, and indentured servants from Java and India. As a result, intrepid travelers who venture to the Guianas discover a cultural experience remarkably unlike any other in South America.
Our 16-day journey introduces us to the rich culture and pristine environment of Guyana. Our itinerary focuses on small and out-of-the-way eco lodges owned and operated by Amerindian villages: Surama, situated at the base of the Pakaraima Mountains in the Iwokrama Rainforest; Rewa, at the remote confluence of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers; Nappi in the Kanuku foothills not far from the Brazilian border, and Yupukari, on the Rupununi Savannah, where an important caiman conservation project is headquartered. Our encounters with hosts, guides, and the local population will be authentic and direct because these are English-speaking communities who host only a select handful of visitors each year.  

National Geographic names Guyana “Best of the World 2014″

National Geographic names Guyana “Best of the World 2014″

 Highlighting Wilderness Explorers’ award-winning Amerindian Guyana tour, National Geographic Traveler presents 2014′s must-see places on planet earth. Guyana earns a coveted spot on this exclusive, very short list for the very first time in 2014.

Is Green the New Gold? National Geographic says that Guyana may be the best-kept secret in South America, with most of the country still covered in wild forest. Stunning natural wonders – stretching from newly restored mangroves near Georgetown to the mighty Kaieteur Falls to the pristine Iwokrama rain forest, Guyana offers curious travelers an opportunity to experience one of only four remaining intact rain forest ecosystems on the planet.  Continue reading

Poem: Picture On The Wall – By Dmitri Allicock + video

Poem: Picture On The Wall –  By Dmitri Allicock

Picture on the wall

 View and Download Poem: Picture on the Wall  <click here

+ video : Guyana Historical Pictures

A Chinese South American Republic or an extended Brazil – By Mark Steele

Looking further than the edge of ones nose 

The roads toward a Chinese South American Republic or an extended Brazil.

By Mark Steele

 The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) is right to be worried and perhaps they are the only ones with their heads not in the sand, They also seem to have the capability of looking beyond the edge of their noses.

They have as reported, called for the immediate stoppage of construction on a road intended to drive deep into the very heart of Guyana’s South Rupununi, that is likely to bring about a host of environmental problems in that prime cattle-ranching area. In short, Guyana’s last frontier is being breached by Brazilian mining interests in what is considered a reckless initiative of the Guyana government.   Continue reading

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