Roraima – the Brazil State bordering Guyana

Roraima State,  Brazil

Roraima State, Brazil

 Roraima is the least populated state of Brazil, South America, with fewer than 500 000 inhabitants. It is the northernmost state, which places it firmly within the beautiful Amazon Jungle. It covers a total area of 224 299 square kilometres or 86 602 square miles. The capital city of Roraima is Boa Vista. [Read more]

The semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes inhabited the jungles of Roraima for centuries. They lived in small communities, using the land for their survival. Then, when the Europeans started to explore the world, they ‘discovered’ South America, settling in various areas to colonise and develop them.  

Because Roraima was so abundant in valuable minerals, the European settlers and colonisers soon began to vie for the official ownership of its territory. These ones included the Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese. These feuds continued for about 400 years until, in 1943, Roraima was combined with a section from Amazonas to form the territory of Rio Branco. In 1962, the territory was renamed Roraima and, in 1988, it became a formal state.

BoaVista - Brazil

BoaVista  capital of Roraima State – Brazil

Although much of Roraima is covered in the dense tropical rain forests of the Amazon Jungle, the areas in the north are occupied by open grasslands while the east boasts a small section of savannah. Due to its equatorial position, the climate of this state is hot and humid. It is only on the higher mountain slopes that the temperature drops significantly. One of Brazil’s highest mountains is Monte Roraima and a small part of this towering rock is situated in the state of Roraima. It reaches a height of 2 734 metres or 8970 feet.

The minerals that made this state such a coveted one include gold, diamonds, copper, marble and bauxite. Due to legal restrictions, these are now only mined in formal indigenous reserves. (Sources: Wikipedia and}

Guyana can be easily accessed via  Bonfimvia the bridge over the Takutu River (<<see Guyanese Online stories here)…. then on to Lethem and other parts of Guyana.  Here is a Map of Guyana

Roraima – The high point of Brazil (subtitles in English).


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  • de castro compton  On 11/19/2013 at 12:04 am

    If the demographics are correct….half million souls in such a vast area
    it would take an exodus / revolution to have any significant difference
    to its neighbours in Guyana or Venezuela…..a bit of “scare mongering”
    negativity in the article…..leading to some form of “phobia” about
    border crossings….by the enforcing agencies….my suspicion is that “bribery and corruption” by officials abound…..
    Surely allowing free movement of goods/services/peoples is the way forward.
    Initially it seemed like a “political” Armageddon in EUROLAND yet today it is not a problem…..why….because it was legalised and monitored initially….
    Today there are more “illegals” from outside EUROLAND 27 member states
    than from within its 27 member states borders…USA has more restrictions
    interstate of its 52 members (not to mention different laws) than Euroland…

    Wake up Guyana wake up ROW ….a world without borders is indeed
    a dream-world…..dreams can come true…where there is a will there is a way….

    Forever the optimist

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