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Two Amazing Trinidadian Magicians – video

UniverSoul Circus: Quick Change

Brazil: Working with Finished Cow Leather Covers for Upholstery

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Three Worlds One Vision

Leather Recliner SofaLeather Recliner Sofa


While I was enjoying the quiet working environment in the Finance Department at Italbras Leather Producer & Exporter Ltd.,* new developments were underway in the Italian-Brazilian joint venture company. At the newly completed Cut & Sew Factory, about a brisk five-minute walk from the tannery, over a hundred young women—from Cascavel, Ceará, where Italbras was located—were being trained in the operation of German-made industrial sewing machines.

When Mr. Leonelli,* our Italian Commercial Director, invited me to be part of his four-person export team, he made me the contact person for our English-speaking clients, including our first Cut & Sew client. Thus began my involvement with the Cut & Sew Leather Factory and its subsequent development to include clients from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

On my first visit to the factory, I was surprised to see that the sewing machines were mounted…

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GCCABC Xmas Brunch – Dec 8, 2013 – Richmond B.C. Canada

BC Asso Dec 8,2013

Guyana: The Next Economic Tiger? – commentary

Guyana: The Next Economic Tiger?

Guyana map

   By  on November 9, 2013   – e-International Relations Blog

Guyana is the third smallest country in South America, located on the north-eastern coast of the continent. Its total population is also small at around 800,000 (giving Guyana one of the lowest population densities in the Americas), with 90 per cent living within 10 miles of the coast. Although Guyana is the third poorest country in the Americas it has a tremendous stock of natural resources, and there is great hope that Guyana’s economy has reached take-off phase and high growth and sustained development are now possible.
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Yesu Persaud retires as DDL Chairman

Yesu Persaud retires as DDL Chairman
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