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Guyana: Terror in Middle Street…Two cops among five dead


Two Cops, among four murdered in middle street mayhem [<<click link]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:42 AM PST. -It was a scene similar to a warzone in the movies as businessman Derrick Khanai and members of the Guyana police force traded shots in a standoff that lasted for over two hours.  In that exchange four persons were killed including two policemen. Some foreign nationals were also rescued from a nearby building Dead are […]

Terror in Middle Street…Two cops among five dead in shootout

NOVEMBER 13, 2013 | BY KNEWS |

 The death toll stood at five at the end of an almost three-hour gun battle between police and a berserk miner in a usually busy section of the capital city.

From 13:30 hours to about 16:00 hours yesterday, the scene at the junction of Middle and East Streets resembled that of some parts of the Middle East as battle-ready cops with high-powered weapons surrounded a house in which the man had secured himself and traded bullets with him.

shooting in middle street - live shot

In the ensuing shootout, Police Lance Corporal 20293 Michael Forde of Dennis Street, Sophia and Constable 18053 Sherwayne Pantlitz were shot dead by the businessman, Deryck Kanhai, who was eventually taken out.   Continue reading

Offshore tax evasion in Caribbean to be curtailed

Offshore tax evasion in Caribbean to be curtailed

NOVEMBE 13, 2013 | BY KNEWS | – US Treasury Dept.

FATCAThe United States Department of Treasury has issued a notice for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) to comply with information reporting and withholding tax provisions of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and as such the country is taking steps to curtail offshore tax evasion in the Caribbean and other places.

The department said the FATCA is “rapidly becoming the global standard in the effort to curb offshore tax evasion.”
According to the Treasury Department, to date it has reached 16 agreements “in substance and is engaged in related conversations with many more jurisdictions.     Continue reading

Guyana: Sleepwalking into an abyss – commentary

Guyana: Sleepwalking into an abyss


The ongoing debate about the way Parliament functions in Guyana continues to sow seeds of bitter division among politicians. The wrangling among members has now presented our country with a dilemma of crippling proportions.

Given the complex nature of what is required for our country not to be viewed as “a jurisdiction with significant strategic deficiencies in its Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime”, it is inexcusable that neither side of the House saw it fit to operate with alacrity from the beginning.   Continue reading