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CIMBUX event – Washington DC – November 11, 2013

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The Yellow Daisy Plant: Lessons for Recovery & Transformation

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Three Worlds One Vision

Yellow DaisyYellow Daisy Grown in My Flower Garden

When we first moved to the apartment complex where we live in West Los Angeles, a neighbor, living obliquely across the grass covered courtyard, grew a yellow daisy plant in her garden plot. Visible from my dining room window, the vibrant yellow daisies brightened my day. After my neighbor retired from her public teaching job and returned to her home state in Southern USA, her yellow daisy plant slowly died. The sturdy main branch became spongy. Did the plant miss her special care and touch?

In 2009, as job losses and home foreclosures mounted as a result of the world financial crisis, I decided to cultivate my own yellow daisy plant. My sons took me to the Garden Section of the Home Depot closest to our neighborhood. I transferred the small potted yellow daisy plant into the ground outside my dining room window.

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