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Top 6 countries that grew rich by enslaving black people



 October 27, 2013  –  By Atlanta Black Star staff

The United States of America

Enslaved Blacks picking cotton

Their unpaid labor created the fabulous wealth that is traded here (below).

Slavery transformed America into an economic power. The exploitation of Black people for free labor made the South the richest and most politically powerful region in the country. British demand for American cotton made the southern stretch of the Mississippi River the Silicon Valley of its era, boasting the single largest concentration of the nation’s millionaires.

But slavery was a national enterprise. Many firms on Wall Street, such as JPMorgan Chase, New York Life and now-defunct Lehman Brothers, made fortunes from investing in the slave trade, the most profitable economic activity in New York’s 350-year history. Slavery was so important to the city that New York was one of the most pro-slavery urban municipalities in the North.

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NYC Mayor: Biracial Cool: Bill de Blasio’s Fresh Electoral Asset

Bill de Blasio - NYC mayor
The New York mayor-elect’s family—both fascinatingly ordinary and shockingly modern—proved to be one his greatest strengths.

Biracial Cool: Bill de Blasio’s Fresh Electoral Asset

“I’m Bill de Blasio, and I’m not a boring white guy.”

How’s that for a political opener? This is how the New York mayor-elect describes himself. At an August fundraiser for the Young Progressives for de Blasio, his daughter Chiara introduced him to the crowd, making an appeal for a new kind of inclusive city politics. Flanked by her entire family, she remarked, “If we’re gonna bring new ideas to the table and create a world, a society … where everyone has a chance, we need to start listening to everybody’s ideas.”

What are these bold and inventive ideas of the new mayor? Some of them follow a traditional Democratic nesting doll scheme: good government followed by more jobs succeeded by affordable housing topped off by better schools. Add in reason, compassion, equality, and whoomp! There it is—a consummate progressive platform. But the de Blasio campaign offered another idea that most campaigns can’t: the racially integrated family.

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Rio’s Welcome Sign – 2016 Olympics

Rio’s Welcome Sign – 2016 Olympics

“Solar City Tower,” built atop the island of Cotonduba, will be the welcome symbol to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  It will be seen by the game visitors and participants as they arrive by air or water.      Note: click pictures to view slideshow. Continue reading

Life Without a Cell Phone – By Veena Trehan

Life Without a Cell Phone

By Veena Trehan – National Change  – Published: Tuesday 15 October 2013

pho809In May, I gave up my cell phone.

My withdrawal was gradual and unplanned.  First, a drop onto the only tiled 6-square feet in my home destroyed my iPhone’s clean look. Then mysterious crashes, like a Steve Jobs tech debut gone wrong, made it annoyingly unreliable.  Finally, it needed to be shut down and restarted to change functions, like from “email” to “phone” or “text”.

Its disappearance led me to drop it altogether.

As with many big moves – and a breakup with your fave gadget qualifies in 2013 – it had been a long time coming.           Continue reading

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