GPS tracking in Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks – video

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children. You could disable the GPS tracking System in smartphones to prevent this.

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  • de castro compton  On 11/05/2013 at 6:17 am

    Scary indeed….a very high price for the technological advancement.
    However it was nice to know the “solution” was only a click away from
    avoiding the pitfalls of our advancement in this industry.
    When internet first became available many were wary of shopping online….
    today it has grown into a major way of shopping…wow wow…
    I do most of my shopping over internet today….even my supermarket
    shopping using one of my debit cards for this purpose….if ever it was hijacked
    the funds available are limited in that account.My bank also covers me if
    someone else fraudulent uses my pin number…..these 4 digit numbers are not
    impossible to “decode” but even if possible my banks covers my risk as they
    are responsible/liable….it is an irrevalant loss to my bank if “fraud” succeeds.
    Too small to care. Gains outweigh the risk.


  • francis Jackson  On 11/13/2013 at 11:14 am

    With this modern invention, your picture can be taken at a flash unknown to you and sent anywhere, friend or foe etc. invation of privacy without permission. It’s a new day —

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