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Black Friday – By Ron Persaud

Black Friday  – By Ron Persaud

I am very sorry but I cannot think or feel about Black Friday in the same manner as most Americans do – inasmuch as I desire to assimilate the culture of the country I have adopted; or has it adopted me?

The reason is that the term Black Friday connotes images of destructive fires and even more destructive human (or do I mean inhuman?) behavior.

You see, I was born in British Guiana and had the blessings of a good and wholesome upbringing and a fine education. I was interested in everything … well … except in outdoor sports. I experienced the excitements and disappointments as the country approached Independence.    Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Reports – to 28 Nov 2013

Capitol News – TV News Reports – to 28 Nov 2013

  • Morning fire leaves several homeless and millions in damages
  • Opposition blames govt. for inadequate preparation and slow response to flooding
  • Sports
  • Record Rainfall claimed is questionable for November
  • Transparency International to release its Corruption Perception Index next week
  • Sports
  • Several schools affected by flooding
  • More rainfall predicted
  • New deadline to implement Anti Money Laundering AML legislation

Click links to view TV Videos below :-   Continue reading

Bullying: We are what we think: Valerie Mason-John -video

We are what we think: Valerie Mason-John

Published on Nov 25, 2013 TED videos  How can we stop bullying in the world? Over 60 % of kids say they’ve been bullied at school, and for every one ‘successful’ suicide there’s over 100 attempted suicides. Continue reading

A Don Mills Subway for Toronto – commentary

A Don Mills Subway for Toronto -commentary

A proposal for improving transit in a city that desperately needs it.


don-mills-subway-alignment-150x150Toronto should have a subway line that runs from Front and Spadina to Eglinton and Don Mills. Formerly known as the “Downtown Relief Line,” it should instead be called the “Don Mills Subway,” and there should be no pretensions about it being some sort of self-indulgent present for downtown—nor about it stopping at Danforth.

In the map above is a proposal for what, roughly, this Don Mills Subway might look like. Continue reading

Ramsammy says pumps here, Luncheon says no

Ramsammy says pumps here, Luncheon says no


Just one day after Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy confirmed that all 14 pumps from Surendra Engineering have arrived in Guyana, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon has refuted this.pump2

According to Dr Luncheon a meeting was held and some of the pumps are expected to be in Guyana in December contrary to what Minister Ramsammy said. With Dr. Luncheon’s statement now, it is unclear whether the “pumps” which were procured at the cost of US$4 million are really in Guyana.
Efforts last night to contact the Minister proved futile.   Continue reading

Bobby Ramroop makes bid to takeover GCC, GFC – then backs out

Bobby Ramroop makes bid to takeover GCC, GFC

NOVEMBER 30, 2013 | BY  | – plans to build US$30M stadium

The best friend of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, has made a bid to acquire the world-renowned Georgetown Cricket Ground and the nearby Georgetown Football Club (GFC), Bourda. He says that he plans to build a modern stadium, investing US$30M ($6B).

New GPC’s Chairman, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

Photo: New GPC’s Chairman, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

But the battle lines have been drawn as GCC executives and the football clubs have raised objections.

New GPC, a company that Ramroop heads, is proposing that the new facilities will rival or offer the same facilities as the state-owned Guyana National Stadium, Providence. He plans to have Test cricket, One Day internationals, T20 cricket and international football matches played there.  Continue reading

City Council and Government to be blamed for floods – Engineers

City Council and Government to be blamed for floods – Engineers

NOVEMBER 30, 2013 | BY  |  – citizens urged to prepare for more floods

As more heavy rains are expected, the Ministry of Public Works has started a one week operation to unclog and clean some of the major trenches in Central Georgetown.
The project commenced yesterday and was led by Project Engineer, Mr. Khiraj Bisesar  The engineer noted that whilst this operation falls directly under the leadership of the Mayor and City Council, the Ministry of Public Works found it necessary to respond to this problem as the Council is failing to carry out its basic duties.

Work being done to bring to one of the outfall.

Photo: Work being done to bring to one of the outfall.

He said, “The rainfall we had on Wednesday last was the most intense shower we ever had in a six-hour period. Based on this, the Ministry of Public Works has decided that immediate works on the drains need to be done. It is high time the drains are cleaned because heavy showers are expected over the next couple of days.   Continue reading

Next Steps for the U.S.-Iran Deal – commentary

Next Steps for the U.S.-Iran Deal

Analysis STRATFOR   –   November 25, 2013 | 
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran after talks in Geneva on Nov. 24. ARASH KHAMOOSHI/AFP/Getty Images


What was unthinkable for many people over many years happened in the early hours of Nov. 24 in Geneva: The United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran struck a deal. After a decadelong struggle, the two reached an accord that seeks to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program remains a civilian one. It is a preliminary deal, and both sides face months of work to batten down domestic opposition, build convincing mechanisms to assure compliance and unthread complicated global sanctions.
That is the easy part. More difficult will be the process to reshape bilateral relations while virtually every regional player in the Middle East seeks ways to cope with an Iran that is no longer geopolitically encumbered.    Continue reading

The National Geographic recommendation comes with a caveat

The National Geographic recommendation comes with a caveat

Stabroek News, November 27, 2013 –  LETTERS

 Dear Editor,

So the National Geographic Traveler has listed Guyana as one of the top 21 must-see places for 2014. Is this the great breakthrough the tourist industry has been waiting for; the one that will finally set Guyana on the eco-travel map, the one that will finally bring all those adventure- and nature-hungry visitors to our shores?

I’m afraid not. I’m afraid it’s too early for self-congratulations and visions of swarms of foreign visitors arriving here only to be simply blown away by all our beauties and wonders. There’s an elephant in the room, and its name is Georgetown.  And as long as we ignore this blight on our lovely land we cannot expect to be anything else but an outlier on the map of preferred tourist destinations.    Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah 2013

This year, Thanksgiving + Hanukkah = Thanksgivukkah

BY JAMES A. FUSSELL –  The Kansas City Star

Somebody call Adam Sandler. We need another Hanukkah song.

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