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NEW YORK GUYANA MASS for Catholic Standard – Francis Farrier

NEW YORK GUYANA MASS for Catholic Standard
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 08:48:47 -0400

Traditions of the New York Guyana Mass; Francis Quamina Farrier reports from New York

The packed St Gerard Majella church in Queens, New York.

The packed St Gerard Majella church in Queens, New York.

The traditional annual Guyana Mass in New York, will celebrate its Silver Anniversary next year.
What an achievement that will be. Last Sunday, New York-based Guyanese, and indeed some from other States, and even from across the border in Canada, turned out in their numbers at the St. Gerard Majella Church in Queens, New York, for this year’s Mass; the 24th.

The tradition is to hold the Mass on the second Sunday of October, and to alternate it between the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens on a two year basis. There is also the tradition of having a Guyana-based Guyanese priest as the Chief celebrant. Priests such as Msgr. Terrence Montrose, Fr. John Persaud, Fr Oliver Farnum, SJ, Fr. Malcolm Rodrigues, SJ, as well as the late Fr. Andrew Morrison, SJ, Fr. Harold Wong, SJ, and Fr Hildebrand Greene, OSB.    Continue reading

Guyana”s Media: A dream of censorship – commentary

A dream of censorship

OCTOBER 20, 2013 · Stabroek News · COMMENTS

On Monday, October 7, Mr Clement Rohee, in his capacity as General Secretary of the PPP informed the media corps dutifully assembled in Freedom House, that his party wanted to regulate the local press. The PPP was of the “firm view,” he told them in all seriousness, that a “special body” should be established “to oversee the operations of the media and to defend the public against malpractice in the media.”  Well in case for one heady moment anyone thought he was talking about the Guyana Chronicle, he was not; it is the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News, it appears, from which the public is in such dire need of protection.

In his best apparatchik style General Secretary Rohee complained: “The party has observed that in the case of Stabroek News, while it religiously attends PPP press conferences and receives PPP press statements, nothing is carried in its columns”; in contrast, he continued, “prominence” is given to almost everything opposition politicians say which is “uncomplimentary of the government and the party.” And there was more to come. “Our position that the opposition media is anti-government and anti-PPP,” he told his audience with solemn mien, “is buttressed by the information we received from friends and supporters of the party that their letters and information are not carried and/or [are] butchered and buried.”     Continue reading

Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words – Ralph Seeram

Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words

OCTOBER 20, 2013 | BY  |

By Ralph Seeram

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

Just when you think the controversy over the Amaila Falls has died down, another round of doubts about the feasibility of this project has erupted, creating another Public Relations nightmare for the PPP government.

The PPP spent the greater part of this week defending and justifying going forward with the project, in face of doubts created by that iconic picture published by Kaieteur News of a near dried up Amaila Falls— the same falls that the government planned to spend  US$850M. When I saw that picture of a dried up falls, it created doubts in my mind about this project.

My idea of a waterfall is water roaring ferociously over the precipice, cascading down to rocks below, in full fury, certainly not one that flows less than I can urinate figuratively speaking.    Continue reading

Guyana: Republic Bank’s Lethem branch opens for business

Republic Bank’s Lethem branch opens for business

OCTOBER 21, 2013 | BY  |

Lethem is now home to two commercial banks with the introduction of a Republic Bank branch. This private sector initiative is an indication that Region Nine is the most prosperous hinterland Region, even with gold mining activities in others.

Republic Bank Lethem branch

This is according to Ganga Persaud, Local Government and Regional Development Minister, who emphasized that the bank is a product of the economic hub that has been developing in Lethem. The bank was commissioned on Saturday October 19, and would be opened for business on Monday October 21.  Continue reading