Ti-Jean and His Brothers – Theatre 2 USF Tampa Campus – Oct 24-Nov 3, 2013


Based on a West Indian fable…

Nobel Prize winning author Derek Walcott explores the power of good versus evil, poor versus wealthy and the search for what defines human-ness. This folk tale, told by the animals of the rainforest through dialogue, dance and song, tells the tale of a poor widowed mother, her three sons, and their bargain with the devil.            

Directed by Macy’s Guest Artist Henry Muttoo, Artistic Director of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.   

New costume design renderings by our new faculty member Yao Chen

Oct 24 – Oct 26 and Oct 30 – Nov 2 at 8pm
Oct 27 and Nov 3 at 3pm
Theatre 2, USF Tampa Campus
$8/$12 Group Pricing Available

This show is recommended for ages 13 and up.


Advance Purchase:
$8 Students/Seniors
$12 General Admission 
Day of Performance:
$10 Students/Seniors
$15 General Admission

Purchase tickets online

Purchase by phone: (813) 974-2323

Purchase in person:
For box office hours, location and other ticketing information visit boxoffice.arts.usf.edu.

Poster: http://theatreanddance.arts.usf.edu/

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  • de castro compton  On 10/18/2013 at 2:49 am

    Peterr thanks that bit of historical fact….
    We must never forget that before common is action these lands were occupied
    by aboriginal tribes of the amazonia….all be it in a nomadic lifestyle….
    Similar to the american Indians who were herded into communes (imprisoned)
    many dieing some rebelling in their quest to freedom…..
    If anyone has claims to this territory it should be the aboriginal inhabitants….
    but as their lifestyles were nomadic even they do not wish for titles to these lands….titles were a form of feudalism and look where that has taken mankind…
    Have we not learnt from history reformation for religioiuys/political or economic
    reasons or do wee remain fools in paradise…
    The planet belongs to no one …it is occupied by everyone….viv la Vida

    Empires will come and go as they are only manmade…
    The sooner we learn that sharing is caring the happier we will be.


  • de castro compton  On 10/18/2013 at 2:55 am


    We must never forget that before colonisation these lands……..etc etc

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