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The Economic Consequences of a US Debt Default – commentary

The Economic Consequences of a US Debt Default

Monday, 14 October 2013 10:50 By Jack Rasmus, Jack Rasmus’ Blog

The economic ignorance of the Teapublican faction of the Republican party in the US House and Senate is perhaps exceeded only by the similar ignorance of its economic advisers.

Appearing in the public press in recent days is the latest ‘brilliant’ Teapublican view that a default by the US government on paying interest on its debt would not have a negative impact on the US or global economy.

Both the US and global economies are already slowing noticeably, with the Federal Reserve in the US continuing to downgrade and lower its estimates of future US growth, and the IMF doing the same for growth rates in China and the rest of the world. The Teapublicans claim a US debt default would not impact these already negative trends.  [Read more]

India confronts its white-skin obsession – Freddie Kissoon

Sex and skin colour: India confronts its white-skin obsession

October 13, 2013 | BY  |  FREDDIE KISSOON

The popular, international television channel, Al Jazeera, has done what no other network ever contemplated doing. It featured a documentary exposing the insane obsession India has with whiter skin, not light hue but white complexion. For those interested in its content, please go to the online edition of Al Jazeera and do the search. It is simply incredible that the world’s best media in every aspect, be it news reporting, documentary, investigative journalism has not touched on this infamy in India.

I am referring to the BBC. The thing is now wide open, thanks to Al Jazeera. The documentary is revealing in that though it was known throughout the world the white skin thing exists in India due to its film industry, what was not know was the extent to which India has become obsessed with this cultural hedonism, philosophical nihilism and colonial sickness.   Continue reading

What the Royal Mail privatisation tells us about modern Britain

October 13, 2013 – By Neil Clark – http://www.neilclark66.blogspot.com

A right royal rip-off – What the Royal Mail privatisation tells us about modern Britain

It’s the wilful destruction of another much-loved British institution. The privatisation of the Royal Mail, the British postal service, brings to an end nearly five hundred years of history- stretching back the days of King Henry VIII.

By privatising the Royal Mail, our coalition government has shown that it does not care a jot for our national heritage, or the devastating impact the sell-off will have on remote rural communities, or how the elderly and the poor will be disproportionately affected. They have shown us that all they care about is rewarding their wealthy backers in the City of London and keeping in with the giants of global capitalism.

Me on the shameful sell-off of the Royal Mail. You can read the whole article, at RT.com OpEdge.

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Asso of BC – Fall Dance – Nov. 2, 2013

BC Guyanese Flyer-Nov2013-01