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CJIA passengers to bypass screening process while transiting T&T

CJIA passengers to bypass screening process while transiting T&T

(13 October 2013 – Demerara Waves) –  The tedious process of disembarking at Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Piarco International Airport, passing through security before boarding an aircraft to the United States will be something of the past – effective November 1, 2013, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport said Sunday.

The United States of America Transport Security Administration (TSA) has approved the request for the alternate procedure to be applied for GEO passengers transiting in Port of Spain (POS).

Hon. Robeson Benn, Minister of Transport, is pleased with the decision.

“It means that passengers leaving Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and passing through POS can do so hassle free. The existing process prompted numerous complaints and we had to urgently address the situation with Caribbean Airlines (CAL) officials,” he said.  Continue reading

One Minute Sermon

One Minute Sermon –

This lady says more in one minute than some preachers say in an hour. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!

Amaila Falls dries up – new doubts about feasability

Amaila Falls dries up – new doubts about feasability

OCTOBER 11, 2013 | BY  |

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The Amaila Falls which was intended to supply the nation with 165 megawatts of electricity and save Guyana millions of US dollars is bone dry.
Yesterday, Works Minister Robeson Benn, said that it is not unusual for waterfalls used to provide hydroelectricity to run dry. He pointed to power stations in Suriname and in Brazil.

He said that when the contractors would have built a dam that would have stored water to smoothen the flow regime. The dam would have given rise to a reservoir which would have been used to regulate the flow of water for the hydro, said Minister Benn.

He said that in times of heavy rainfall the excess water would have been released through gates. He was insistent that had there been a dam the extent of dryness at this time would not have been as severe.     Continue reading

Drawing on My Guyanese Work Experience

Guyana-born and trained Rosaliene Bacchus makes her mark in Brazil and the USA. Great picture of Georgetiown, Rosaliene.

Three Worlds One Vision

Georgetown - GuyanaGeorgetown – Capital and Chief Port of Guyana
Photo by John Greene from MeGuyana.com

My fifteen-year work experience in Guyana played an important role in my success as an international trade professional in Brazil. This was especially the case in the tough work environment at Italbras Leather Producer & Exporter Ltd.*

In Guyana, I had worked in both the public and private sectors: high school teacher (geography and art), university assistant librarian trainee, and executive secretary (equivalent to today’s executive administrative assistant) at local Head Office branches of a multinational oil company and bank.

My teaching skills at simplifying difficult concepts in a step-by-step process came into play in identifying bottlenecks in work processes. At the end of my ill-fated, three-month probationary period at Italbras, my proposed flow chart for a more effective and time-saving control and record of foreign payments and export finance contracts saved the day.

Working in…

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