University of Guyana turns 50

University of Guyana turns 50

Oct 7, 2013 – Stabroek News

This week we asked attendees at a University of Guyana event to commemorate the university’s

Joseph Holder

 50th anniversary for their thoughts on this milestone. 

Joseph Holder, Former Student – `I am happy that the University of Guyana has survived for such a long time and there are indications that UG will continue to survive. The university plays a critical part in the development of society. I see the University expanding and providing more courses in the near future.’Joseph Holder

Bonita Hunter

Bonita Hunter, Former Student – `The University has made me who I am. The passage of time is inevitable. The University has grown from strength to strength and many personalities have emerged from this university. I strongly believe it is compatible with other international universities. In the future we are going to double up on all the achievements we have so far. We must celebrate what we have.’

Sharon Roopchand-Edwards, Former Student – `It is a memorable occasion, we have seen a lot of negatives at the University but there are a lot of positives as well especially in relation to the performance of students. I see the future of the University as being bright and upbeat. There are dedicated people here and we will identify and fix problems. We will have to be global in our thinking.’  [Read more]

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