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US Republicans using weapons of mass financial destruction- Sir Ronald Sanders

US Republicans using weapons of mass financial destruction

The impact of the government shutdown on the US economy, which is still the world’s largest economy, will be felt worldwide says Sir Ronald Sanders.

By Sir Ronald Sanders 

Sir Ronald Sanders

Sir Ronald Sanders

 Caribbean360 News – Barbados, Thursday October 3, 2013 – There will be a lot of rubbish in Washington over the next few days.  And, that rubbish is not only the garbage that is steadily piling up in the nation’s capital because of the government’s shut down.  It is also the quality of the Republican Party’s argument for refusing to pass a Budget that would allow the federal government to provide goods and services to the public.

While the Republicans have obstructed Budgets before – notably in late 1995 and early 1996 when Bill Clinton was President – there is more than a little racism toward this first non-White American President by the right wing Tea Party element even though they have not dared to say so.    Continue reading

Tenth Anniversary of Arrival in the USA – Rosaliene Bacchus

Rosaliene Bacchus and her two sons celebrate their 10th Anniversary of Arrival  in the USA. Guyanese Online congratulates you. Be Strong!!

Three Worlds One Vision

Rosaliene and Sons - Hollywood Boulevard - Los Angeles - October 2003Rosaliene and Sons – Shopping Mall on Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles – October 2003

This month marks the tenth anniversary of our arrival in the United States. Before setting foot on American soil, my sons and I knew that there would be challenges to overcome. My elation at reuniting with my mother and siblings, after over thirty years of separation, lasted for only two days.

Day One: Arrival.
Day Two: Visit to Hollywood Boulevard. (Captioned photo taken that day.)
Day Three: Showdown.

My mother had expectations that I could not fulfill. Past hurts and differences found expression. You were a problem since you were three. I helped you raise your children so you could work. (I was her firstborn.)

Day Four: My mother moved out.

You don’t give me what I want, you’re on your own, her action said. I had failed my sons. I had promised them that they…

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Local government games – commentary

Local government games

Everyone believes we are in election mode. The vilification is there; the vulgarity is there; and the rallies up and down the country for the 5th October 1992 anniversary are there.  What other purpose would all of this have at this point in the electoral cycle if a poll were not hovering on the near horizon? One presumes that all the crassness which has suddenly seized the governing party is not directed towards a national election – or at least, one hopes not. Apart from the reluctance of the electorate to go to a general election right now, it might be thought that Freedom House would be no more certain of the outcome than anyone else, and would therefore perceive it as a high-risk venture.

What the populace would like to see are local government polls, which were last held in 1994 and were due again in 1997. It is extraordinary that a party which is investing so much energy in holding rallies in the villages to celebrate the ‘return of democracy,’ doesn’t feel even a soupçon of embarrassment that the residents of those same villages have not been able to exercise their local democratic rights for over a decade and a half.  Continue reading

Guyana: Three Riverain Meals – By Peter Halder


 by Peter Halder


Also known as Bush Food, All-in-One is a kind of Cook-Up Rice or One-Pot. It is a variety of items cooked in one large iron pot.

The ingredients included rice with green plantains, hog tannia, oku yams, cassava and ochro cut up into small pieces, dried pigeon-peas, cut up eddo leaves, broad leaf thyme, onions, tomatoes to add colour, and red and yellow wirri- wirri pepper. Meat included both fresh and smoked labba, wild cow, wild hog, smoked hymara (fish) and cut up salted pigtails and pig snout. It was cooked with lots of coconut milk and broth from boiling the bones and gristle of wild animals.   [Read more]