Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2013

Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2013

NYC Masthead

The masthead shows:  Twenty-five Guyanese perished on 9-11-2001 in the Twin Towers of New York City.  You can see more info at this link — here

The History of New York City On September 11, 2011 – the destruction of the Twin Towers  in this slide show History of New York Click to view.

This monthly newsletter is published by the Guyanese Online Blog. It contains news items up to the fourth week of September 2013.

Download: 39- Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2013 < Click

This 39th issue has 19 pages. It features Guyana’s Parliament and Politics; Advertisements by Guyanese Associations ; Arts and Cultural News; Guest Editorials;  Other Guyana news; Agriculture, Business; Education ; Medical News; and Tourism, and our new Legal Page that focuses on USA Immigration.

It also lists the 91 Blog entries for August 2013, and those that were most popular with readers during September 2013.

Cyril Bryan, Editor

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