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Above the law – commentary

Above the law


Guyana seems to be a country that is reluctant to use the law even if application of the law is necessary. Such has been the case that the society believes that there is one law for the poor and another for the wealthy or those who are connected to people in authority.

There has been talk that the police did solve the Monica Reece murder but the then Police Commissioner ducked the evidence because the prime suspect was the son of a friend. To this day, the official position is that the Monica Reece murder was never solved but policemen involved would insist that they solved the murder.

Similarly, there are people who admitted to committing a crime but the police simply botched the evidence. One case involved the shooting of a watchman at a highway resort. There were witnesses who later recanted.

Now we have another situation. Tax laws are inflexible but they are quite clear. Every individual who earns must pay taxes. There are limits to who begins to pay but once the earning exceeds the minimum wage, taxes must be paid.  Continue reading

US shutdown: an explainer for non-Americans

US shutdown: an explainer for non-Americans

After weeks of wrangling the American government is on the verge of shutting down. Why?

Graeme Wearden – theguardian.com, Monday 30 September 2013 11.48 BST

US shutdown: the Capitol in Washington DC, where Republicans control the lower house and Democrats control the Senate. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP

What is the shutdown all about?

In a word, money. The US financial year ends at midnight on Monday. Under US law a new bill to approve funding for the next financial year is required, which must have been approved by the House of Representatives, and the Senate, and the president. This has yet to happen.

Why not?    Continue reading

U.S. and Iranian Realities – By George Friedman


U.S. and Iranian Realities

Stratfor – By George Friedman  – Tuesday, October 1, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama called Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week in the first such conversation in the 34 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic. The phone call followed tweets and public statements on both sides indicating a willingness to talk. Though far from an accommodation between the two countries, there are reasons to take this opening seriously — not only because it is occurring at such a high level, but also because there is now a geopolitical logic to these moves. Many things could go wrong, and given that this is the Middle East, the odds of failure are high. But Iran is weak and the United States is avoiding conflict, and there are worse bases for a deal.          Continue reading

Ezjet boss pleads guilty, to be sentenced early 2014

EZjet's Sonny Ramdeo (left)

EZjet’s Sonny Ramdeo (left)

 Ezjet boss pleads guilty, to be sentenced early 2014 

The former director of a Boca Raton payroll company faces a maximum 40 years in prison after admitting Tuesday  October , 2013 that he skimmed more than $20 million that was supposed to be turned over to taxing authorities on behalf of roughly 12 hospitals in eight states.

Sonny Ramdeo, 36, formerly of Sunrise, pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money-laundering in connection with the scheme prosecutors said he concocted while working for Promise Healthcare.   Continue reading