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The Learning environment and Disapora challenges – By Lear Matthews


Lear Matthews

As our children and grandchildren return to school or begin their formal educational journey, we look forward to another year of significant learning, positive socialization and skills acquisition in preparation for a career and other desirable outcomes. The memories and educational values inculcated in the “good ol’ days” keep us grounded, but the need to adapt to contemporary institutions with constantly changing technology and curricula is inevitable. This new experience varies from anticipated success to frustration in negotiating the system.

One social commentator warns that in the midst of social transition, “education is not a desired goal for many segments of the population, easy money is”. Such an assertion is extremely worrisome. This article highlights the intersecting of learning environment and Diaspora challenges, expressing thoughts based on research findings and observations on the topic, and proposes possible solutions. Continue reading

Caribbean: Of silences, elites and looking forward – by David Jessop

Of silences, elites and looking forward – by David Jessop

caribbean map

Sometimes it is easier to hold on to the past than to address the present; for elites to interact only with each other, to repeat the same actions, and to lose touch with those whom they seek to help.

Recently, the Financial Times journalist and author, Gillian Tett, one of the few who in 2006 accurately forecast the financial crisis and its origins, delivered a thought-provoking short lecture for BBC radio*.

She noted that as a social anthropologist she had discovered that her discipline had provided her with the tools to analyse issues in ways not normally considered by writers on finance.

Listening to her short lecture, the applicability of her theme to the silences now prevalent in the Caribbean, rapidly become apparent.    Continue reading

Brazil: Adapting to a Tough Work Environment – Rosaliene Bacchus

Thank you Rosaliene for another interesting article.

Three Worlds One Vision

Inside Brazilian TanneryInterior of a Cow Leather Factory in North Brazil
Photo Credit: Otavio Araujo Blogspot

When I began working at Italbras Leather Producer & Exporter Ltd.,* I did not think that I would survive the three-month probationary period. My body had a hard time adapting to waking at 4:00 a.m. After oversleeping one morning during the first week on the job, I started waking every hour to check the time. The stress took its toll. Before my probationary period ended, I had suffered two bouts of the flu.

Never before had I worked in such a noisy office environment. The Export Manager, her assistant, and I shared a spacious, open office with the Industrial Director (a paulista from the State of São Paulo) and his two production assistants, and the Import Manager. We occupied the top floor of a three-story building constructed within the leather factory. Half-walls of glass gave…

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Sorrel and Mauby- a taste for all occasions – Dmitri Allicock

Sorrel and Mauby- a taste for all occasions

There is an abiding love by Guyanese around the world for some of the delicious home brewed drinks of Guyana that verges on worship. This unwavering memory of the taste of home can instantly transport you back to that nostalgic and happy place of family and cultural identification. Guyanese foods and drinks are always on the minds of the diaspora regardless of their vast distances of travel and adaptation to other foods and cultural experiences of the world.  [Read more]

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