INDIA- Emerging Party in 2014 Election Led by Narendra Modi

Emerging Party in 2014 Election in India Led by Militant “Orator”  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 – By Papri Sri Raman, Truthout | Op-Ed

India, like the United States, is one of the largest democracies in the world – and also home to 1.23 billion people. By April 2014, the country will elect a lower House of Parliament for the 16th time. These elections are being described by the media as a “game changer.” The government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, led by the Congress Party (Indian National Congress), has been in power since 2004, and the nation is believed to be spoiling for a change. In India, psephologists (those who study elections) call it the “anti-incumbency factor.” Then, this is a country that loves to play the game of predictions. All in all, the political cauldron is bubbling in this corner of the earth, stewing in it is the “Idea of India.”

Why should that interest the world? With the Syria and Iran weapons issues on the table and a general economic slowdown, the world’s eyes are not turned to India.Yet remember, it is recession that created conditions for the Third Reich.  

The Indian rupee is trading at 1 US dollar for 68, and its oil import bill is $169 billion (June 2013), resulting in a trade deficit of $160 billion, two hammers the opposition possesses to ring out the call for a “tough leader,” not an economist like Singh, but a grass-roots pracharak, or propagandist-turned-politician. Moreover, India is a country where Mein Kampf in English and Hindi are sold by the thousands every year. [Read more]

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  • Thinker  On September 27, 2013 at 10:16 am

    India’s secular democracy must not be allowed to fall apart because of extremists like Modi. Muslims must be encouraged to accept India’s secularism or all hell will break loose. However, on one issue there must be no equivocation: get rid of the Haj subsidy to Muslim pilgrims.

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