US clears TravelSpan for flights to NY from December

US clears TravelSpan for flights to NY from December

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 | BY  |

After months of complaints, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter for Guyanese air travel passengers who have been grappling with alarmingly high fares.

TravelSpan Incorporated is set to begin direct flights between New York and Guyana starting December 14th, officials of the company confirmed Wednesday evening, hours after meeting with Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, and Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali.  TravelSpan also plans to introduce a scheduled service before the first half of next year.

This latest development in the aviation sector would spell positive news for Guyanese who have been faced with high air fares reaching almost US$1,600 per return trip from the US, using the lone carrier, Caribbean Airlines (CAL).    

Later this month, new carrier, Fly Jamaica, partially owned by Guyanese pilot, Ronald Reece, is also set to make its first landing in Guyana, to take up flight to New York as well.   [Read more]


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  • de castro compton  On September 21, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Overdue !
    From UK I have to fly via Barbados by VIRGIN or BRITISH AIRWAYS
    before LIAT to GT….monopolies !
    All internet bookable 6 months in advance…..
    I fly all over EUROPEAN cities for less than 50 pounds 75usd return
    If I book months in advance…..
    Brazil has similar internal city to city low fares booked in advance…
    some now operate “last minute” turn up and fly options !
    Having said that CITY TO CITY European travel by trains that “fly”
    are in pipeline some available already….London Paris Amsterdam etc
    The train will not replace the plane on LONG HAUL flights but it is certainly more convenient/competitive alternative Inter cities….no passport controls at moment…but Germans and Brits are considering protecting their borders…
    Some countries are already signatories to Shengen agreement ….how they
    Exit this is interesting !
    UK is not a signatory….list of signatories available on Google…just put in shengen
    and voila. !!

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