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Capitol News – TV News Videos – 20 Sep 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 20 Sep 2013

  • APNU turns to civil Society to support its call for the removal of Clement Rohee.
  • Brassington believes Marriott project is sound
  • Several charged including a Woman in connection with murder of the West Coast businessman.
  • Guyana Women Miners Organisation rescued more Women today including a Trinidadian
  • Health Ministry finds another way to address issues of chronic non communicable diseases.
  • Kitty Market Stallholders are demanding that the Market be repaired.
  • In the aviation sector the upcoming fall and winter season North will see more flights in the air
  • Demerara Captain Chris Barnwell looking forward to lead the team against Essequibo on Saturday.
APNU turns to civil Society to support its call for the removal of Clement Rohee.Posted: 20 Sep 2013 06:47 PM PDT

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Leader, David Granger believes the administration should be held accountable for the present crime situation.  He says the PPP should be blamed for the mismanagement of Public Security and now wants to see public action.According to Granger after seven years under Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee the present security […]   Continue reading

US clears TravelSpan for flights to NY from December

US clears TravelSpan for flights to NY from December

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 | BY  |

After months of complaints, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter for Guyanese air travel passengers who have been grappling with alarmingly high fares.

TravelSpan Incorporated is set to begin direct flights between New York and Guyana starting December 14th, officials of the company confirmed Wednesday evening, hours after meeting with Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, and Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali.  TravelSpan also plans to introduce a scheduled service before the first half of next year.

This latest development in the aviation sector would spell positive news for Guyanese who have been faced with high air fares reaching almost US$1,600 per return trip from the US, using the lone carrier, Caribbean Airlines (CAL).     Continue reading

That Rodney Inquiry – commentary

That Rodney Inquiry


Mr. Eusi Kwayana informed this newspaper  (see letter below), and the Guyanese people, via its letter pages that he was contacted on whether he would be willing to offer testimony on an Inquiry into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney on June 13, 1980. He replied in the affirmative. We are pleased, and all Guyanese should also be, that the Government evidently is going ahead with its commitment made at the last anniversary of the historian’s killing, to institute an International Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the issue.

The Guyanese nation needs closure on the killing of this son of Guyana, who is perhaps the only one to have achieved such worldwide recognition. His family has been agitating for such closure for years. After Rodney’s death which was caused by the explosion of what he was told was a “walkie talkie”, the PNC invited two UK experts, Dr Skuse and Dr Johnson to investigate the tragic incident that occurred outside the Georgetown Prison. However, they were not required to pronounce on culpability, and in any event, the full report was never released. Skuse was later disgraced in the UK for several flawed “findings”.  Continue reading

Body language – differences in men and women

Body language – differences in men and women

Excerpt: Book by Allan and Barbara Pease – The Definitive Book of Body Language

“When we say someone is ‘perceptive’ or ‘intuitive’ about people, we are unknowingly referring to their ability to read another person’s body language and to compare these cues with verbal signals. In other words, when we say that we have a ‘hunch’ or ‘gut feeling’ that someone has told us a lie, we usually mean that their body language and their spoken words don’t agree. This is also what speakers call ‘audience awareness,’ or relating to a group. For example, if an audience were sitting back in their seats with their chins down and arms crossed on their chest, a ‘perceptive’ speaker would get a hunch or feeling that his delivery was not going across well. …

“Being ‘perceptive’ means being able to spot the contradictions between someone’s words and their body language.         Continue reading

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