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GCA of New York- 2013 SYMPOSIUM – Call for Participation

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc
Empire State College/State University of New York
177 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201-5875
OCTOBER 26, 2013

“These two dominant influences should not be allowed to overwhelm our identity
or diminish its complexity” (from editorial mentioned below)
A recent Sunday Stabroek News editorial posed the question, “Who are we?” and
directed attention to a contemporary ripple in the peopling of Guyana—the new
immigrants from Brazil and China. The editorial also insinuated some of the societal
anxieties associated with this contemporary development. For more than
5,000 years, the contemporary nation has had close and intimate relations with
the churn of the pushes and pulls of the human migration drama.    Continue reading

Sparrow fighting … conscious and responsive in NYC hospital – updates

This is the latest Update on the Mighty Sparrow – September 17, 2013.

UPDATE – September 23, 2013

Hopes surge for Sparrow on the mend

Story Updated: Sep 23, 2013 at 11:41 PM ECT – Trinidad Express

SENTIMENTS of relief surged internationally following the (authorised) announcement that the Mighty Sparrow, born Slinger Francisco, had emerged from a coma in the New York hospital where he has been treated. For two weeks before, a decline in his condition had been marked by false alarms and distressingly exaggerated reports.  [Read more]

Guyanese Online

Sparrow released from hospital

Trinidad Express

Press Release: Oct 23, 2013 at 12:15 PM ECT

The Mighty SparrowThe Mighty Sparrow

The Mighty Sparrow, Slinger Francisco, has been released from hospital and he is now recovering in a special therapy facility.

This according to a press release sent out yesterday on behalf of Margaret Francisco, wife of the internationally renowned calypsonian. Sparrow was hospitalised last month in the US where he remains after falling into a coma.

The release said Sparrow continues to improve daily and will now undergo physical strengthening and other medical procedures to improve his overall well-being.

“We wish to place on record our profound appreciation for the continued outpouring of best wishes, prayers and support from the public for the complete recovery of the Mighty Sparrow. We also wish to express our sincere thanks to the hospital doctors and staff for the professional performance of their duties and…

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Govt. takes over responsibility for Chinese defects in CJIA

Govt. takes over responsibility for Chinese defects in CJIA


 …this is déjà vu, this is Skeldon II – Ramon Gaskin

 “…we will take the responsibility to pay for any defective work, even if the lifts do not work, the roof collapses or each half-a-million toilet does not flush!”

Not only has the Guyana Government agreed to pay half a million dollars for a toilet in the new Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), it has also amended the international best practice standards, to take on responsibility for any defects in the works being done by the Chinese Contractor.
The Guyana Government and China Harbor Engineering Corporation (CHEC) signed the US$150M contract, a day before the hosting of the General Elections in 2011, but not before amending the international standards.    Continue reading

Educating for the 21st Century: Notes of a Native Son

Educating for the 21st Century: Notes of a Native Son

Dtabroek News –  September 16, 2013- – In The Diaspora

By Ewart Thomas

(Professor of Psychology and former Dean of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University, California, USA, Thomas teaches a large introductory Statistics course and graduate-level Statistics and research methods courses.)  

(Excerpts from a presentation at Berbice High School, New Amsterdam, Guyana; August 5, 2013)

Brief Personal History

I would like to start by acknowledging my own educational roots in Berbice, and a few of the people, institutions and events that played crucial roles in my development.

20130916diasporaMy parents, Arthur and Elaine Thomas, created a happy home in Vryheid in which there was the discipline of Saturday lessons in Arithmetic and Grammar; a strict insistence on fair play and respect for my six sisters and everybody else in the village, because my father didn’t want me to become an “educated rascal”; and the responsibility, from age 7 or 8, to ride into New Amsterdam to pay bills – $6.36 at Wrefords, $10.17 at Mr. Chapman, $3.33 at Davson’s, etc. – and then to return home with exact change!     Continue reading