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The Mighty Sparrow – 100 songs and videos – continuous play

Guyanese Online

Here they are  – by special request of our readers – a collection of songs and videos by the Mighty Sparrow – The Greatest Calypsonian from Trinidad and Tobago.

Mighty Sparrow – 15 songs-videos – autoplay

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Eddy Grant’s idyllic island home in the Essequibo River + videos

Eddy Grant's home - Essequibo river

Eddy’s home: International singing star Eddy Grant’s idyllic island home in the Essequibo River

Plaisance-born Eddy Grant of Guyana has made his mark as an entertainer around the world.  Now that he has reached 65 he can enjoy his life on his idyllic island in the Essequibo River. However, we know he will not forsake his Ringbang recording studios and plantation house in Barbados.  Enjoy!!!

Electric Avenue was a major hit for Eddy Grant early in is career.  Here is a playlist of some of his recordings.


Guyana-born Eddy Grant talks about Nelson Mandela

Eddy Grant Speaks about Mandela (Part 1)

Eddy Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’Anna

Live at Nelson Mandela Concert w/ Kurt Darren

Eddy Grant Speaks About Mandela (Part 2)

Canada introduces easier visa application process for Caribbean nationals

Canada introduces easier visa application process for Caribbean nationals

Last year, Canada imposed new travel requirements on nationals from St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the grounds of unreliable travel documents.

OTTAWA, Canada, Thursday September 12, 2013 – The Government of Canada has announced the opening of a new visa application centre (VAC) in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, making the process of applying for a visa to enter Canada “easier and more convenient.”

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced plans to expand its VAC network around the world to provide administrative support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident application is assessed by a CIC immigration officer.

According to a release, VAC service agents are available by phone, email or in person to answer questions in local languages and to make sure that applications are complete.    Continue reading

Mental Health Problems on the Rise Across the Globe – Dr. Mercola

Mental Health Problems on the Rise Worldwide

Story at-a-glance – By Dr. Mercola

  • According to a recent study, mental disorders and substance abuse combined were the leading cause of non-fatal illness worldwide in 2010, contributing nearly 23 percent of the total global disease burden
  • Depressive disorders were the most common, followed by anxiety disorders, drug use disorders, and schizophrenia
  • Mental and substance use disorders were responsible for higher global death and illness rates than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes, and car accidents
  • High sugar intake can exert a toxic effect on mental health by causing insulin and leptin resistance; suppressing activity of a key hormone called BDNF, which is critically low in depressed patients; and promoting chronic inflammation, which is thought to be a primary cause of depression
  • Previous studies have also shown that aspartame has a detrimental effect on your brain function, neurological, cognitive, and behavioral health
  • Genetically engineered foods, as well as the herbicide glyphosate—can significantly alter your gut flora, thereby promoting pathogens while decimating the beneficial microbes necessary for optimal mental and physical health.    Continue reading

Regional aviation may improve as CAL subsidy ends

 Regional aviation sectors may improve as Caribbean Airlines subsidy ends

September 16, 2013 – By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — The recent announcement that, from October, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) will no longer receive a Trinidad and Tobago government fuel subsidy — if it is indeed true and not a hoax as some observers have suggested — may benefit the Guyana and Suriname aviation sectors in particular.

CAL’s monopoly over Guyana’s skies has allegedly kept other airlines from entering the Guyana market and state-owned Suriname Airways (SLM) has often complained about CAL’s fuel subsidy as unfair competition.

In what may or may not be a related coincidence, just after the announcement of the removal of CAL’s fuel subsidy, SLM and the government of Suriname are now discussing a US$200 million modernization and expansion plan for the state-owned airline.  Continue reading

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