Celebrating the Memory of Otis Redding on his Special Day

Celebrating the Memory of Otis Redding on his Special Day

By Dmitri Allicock

Otis Redding

Otis Ray Redding, Jr. was born on this day September 9, 1941 –, December 10, 1967. He was an American soul singer. Often called the “King of Soul”, he is renowned for an ability to convey strong emotion through his voice. According to the website of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where he was inducted in 1989. Redding’s name is “synonymous with the term soul, music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm and blues into a form of funky, secular testifying.” In addition, rock critic Jon Landau said in 1967, “Otis Redding is rock & roll”.    Read More »

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  • Philippa Marshall  On 09/09/2013 at 11:33 pm

    Are you for real GT people? Otis Redding? Do I need to go to GT site to see that? What about EDDY GRANT, RUDY GRANT, SAMMY BASH GORDON BEVON, JONNY BRAFF THE 4 BS. COME ON PEOPLE WE ARE ONE OF THE FEW who dont celebrate our own Pleaseeeee

    • Chuck Mohan  On 09/10/2013 at 4:14 pm

      I agree with you that we don’t recognize and celebrate our Guyanese born artiste. However, we are quick to take ownership and recognize artiste who are of Guyanese parentage and are NOT Guyanese by definition, eg. Rihanna and others.
      We should recognize our own first and then there is nothing wrong to recognize others like the the great Otis Redding

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