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Book review: Brian Lara: The Steep Price of Greatness

Book review: Brian Lara: The Steep Price of Greatness

SEPTEMBER 8, 2013 | BY  |By Dr Glenville Ashby

Brian Lara: An authorized biography by James Fuller

James Fuller embarks on a literary journey that showcases the unfathomable prowess of Brian Lara, one of the most celebrated batsmen of the modern era. His unauthorised autobiography is detailed and balanced.

It chronicles the rise of the cricket superstar from a prodigious, overly confident lad in his hometown of Cantaro, to a record-breaking phenomenon. And for good measure he taps into festering inter-island rivalries that are always tamed by the clarion call of “Rally round the West Indies.”

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The Artist, the Desert & the Raven

Another entry, the latest, in Rosaliene Bacchus’ Blog.

Three Worlds One Vision

Felipe by Vanessa Flores (Pen on Paper)Portrait of Visual Artist Phillip Aceves by Vanessa Flores
(Pen on Paper)

Over a year had gone by before I discovered that Phillip Aceves, my lanky neighbor with a long ponytail, was a visual artist. One day, I met him working outdoors spray painting on a canvas. At the time, he was still an art student at the Otis College of Art and Design. In May 2012, after a three-year program, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Arts: illustration and graphic design.

Phillip’s works include portraits, mindscapes, abstract expressionism, and pop surrealism. In his portraits, he strives to capture his subject’s inner character. His portrait of Vanessa is one of his favorites.

Vanessa (oil paint)Vanessa by Phillip Aceves (Oil Paint)

His mindscapes, like Twilight Shaman,evolved over twenty-plus years of living in California’s Mojave Desert and expanded through his exposure to Salvador Dali’s surrealist…

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