AFC Amerindian Heritage Greetings – 2013

AFC Amerindian Heritage Greetings- 2013‏

September 6th, 2013 – by Valerie Lowe, M.P

On this yet another celebration of Amerindian Heritage Month the Alliance For Change salutes the First People of this nation for the kindness and understanding they have demonstrated when foreigners first landed on the shores of our beautiful homeland, and continue to demonstrate unto this day by willingly sharing land, waterways, forest, precious stones and every resource this country has to offer with the people who stayed and who are now our brothers and sisters in this melting pot of a Guyanese nation.

Contributions of First Peoples: We celebrate the natural artist in our first people that make them stand out as brilliant artists and craftsmen and women, and talented sports men and women; we celebrate their highly scientific knowledge of which only a minute percentage has been tapped into by way of herbal medicines. And it is thanks to our First People that, today, our nation is now earning much needed revenues from carbon credits earned from the forests that they so carefully preserved for centuries. These contributions must be recognized, acknowledged and respected. 

Indeed, it should be acknowledged, also, that all our descendants owe their very existence to the kindness and compassion of our First Peoples. And for those in whose veins runs even a drop of this strong and noble blood, it is only fitting that they acknowledge it with pride and make it their duty to learn more about their ancestors.

Education: While it is a fact that efforts have been made by various governments, including the Government of today, to make education more accessible through scholarships to our First People and all hinterland people, there is still much room for improvement. Technical and vocational schools are needed in Regions one, eight and nine, to teach skills that are pertinent to jobs that are to be had in those regions. It is a great shame when vehicles provided to villages for village transportation cannot be repaired by persons within those communities and mechanics have to be transported in to do these repairs or servicing. There is need for a university campus in Region Nine which could service both regions nine and eight since hundreds of secondary school students graduate from school every year with excellent grades in CXC and are at a loss of what to do next with their young lives from then on.

Health Services:  In the health sector it is absolutely necessary that qualified nurses or medexes are in service at all hinterland health centres or health posts. Since their training are but for a few months, which is too short a time to equip them with the skills to handle complex cases, community health workers must only be allowed to assist these qualified nurses and medexes and the Minister of health must get serious with this situation. Just like any other Guyanese, our First people need and deserve the best health care this country has to offer.

Environment: The Alliance for change also calls on all miners to observe best practices in mining taking into consideration that the hinterland is the home of our First People and waterways especially must not be polluted since it is a source of drinking water and food for these communities.

Greetings: In closing the Alliance For Change wishes the First People of Guyana a happy Amerindian Heritage Month and encourages them to keep their beautiful culture, traditions and languages intact by teaching them to their children from a young age so that they can grow up fearlessly, proud and respectful of their special status in society.

Valerie Lowe, M.P

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  • regalq  On 09/09/2013 at 7:49 pm

    I do appreicate this very much for my fellow Ameriandians brothers and sisters for I am mixed Carib and Awarak Yvonne de clou

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