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AFC Amerindian Heritage Greetings – 2013

AFC Amerindian Heritage Greetings- 2013‏

September 6th, 2013 – by Valerie Lowe, M.P

On this yet another celebration of Amerindian Heritage Month the Alliance For Change salutes the First People of this nation for the kindness and understanding they have demonstrated when foreigners first landed on the shores of our beautiful homeland, and continue to demonstrate unto this day by willingly sharing land, waterways, forest, precious stones and every resource this country has to offer with the people who stayed and who are now our brothers and sisters in this melting pot of a Guyanese nation.

Contributions of First Peoples: We celebrate the natural artist in our first people that make them stand out as brilliant artists and craftsmen and women, and talented sports men and women; we celebrate their highly scientific knowledge of which only a minute percentage has been tapped into by way of herbal medicines. And it is thanks to our First People that, today, our nation is now earning much needed revenues from carbon credits earned from the forests that they so carefully preserved for centuries. These contributions must be recognized, acknowledged and respected.  Continue reading

CANADA and the USA – by Gerry Boley

CANADA and the USA –  by Gerry Boley

Americans shouldn’t take for granted their friendly neighbor to the north

canada-usa flagFrom the Buffalo News – by Gerry Boley.

Misconceptions in the United States about Canada are quite common. They include: there is always snow in Canada; Canadians are boring, socialists and pacifists; their border is porous and allowed the Sept. 11 terrorists through; or, as the U.S. Ottawa embassy staff suggested to Washington, the country suffers from an inferiority complex. With Canada Day and America’s Independence Day just past, this is a great time to clarify some of these misconceptions and better appreciate a neighbour that the United States at times takes for granted.

With the exception of the occasional glacier, skiing in Canada in the summer just isn’t happening. Frigid northern winters, however, have shaped the tough, fun-loving Canadian character. When it is 30-below, the Canucks get their sticks, shovel off the local pond and have a game of shinny hockey. Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 05 Sep 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 05 Sep 2013

  • Courts Guyana promises to make fitness walk better than its last edition
  • AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes seeks forgiveness for his non-disclosure of his link to the Amaila Falls Company
  • Police searches for businessman fingered in the murder of biker, Kurt Davis.
  • APNU insists that Gov’t present a comprehensive Bill concerning all aspects of the Amaila Falls Hydro project
  • Meeting planned to remove Timehri residents standing in the way of CJIA expansion project
  • ACTO meeting focuses on Indigenous issues at the start of Amerindian Heritage Month
  • Caribbean Airlines wants to operate in a sustainable manner
  • Giftland Office Max continues to give back

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Courts Guyana promises to make fitness walk better than its last editionPosted: 05 Sep 2013 07:05 PM PDT

The courts Guyana 10 k run and 3m fitness walk is on again in just over 2 weeks and the Company is promising to make the event even better than its last edition. It starts at 6 in the Morning on the, 22nd of September, in front of the Main Street head office and is […]
AFC Chairman seeks forgiveness for his non-disclosure of his link to the Amaila Falls CompanyPosted: 05 Sep 2013 06:49 PM PDT   Continue reading

Leap Of Love – By Hubert Williams

Twin-TowersLeap Of Love

By Hubert Williams

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, like hundreds of millions worldwide, I watched in awe at the dramatic scenes unfolding on the television screen. Our anguish was common. The impact of this incredible disaster was to become more personal. My AA flight scheduled for September 12th, out of Barbados to New York, was cancelled, like so many other flights across America and around the globe; one of my sisters, Mrs. Walterine “Wendy” Sears, was halfway bound to New York from London where she resides when the British Airways flight turned around for its return to Heathrow Airport; and another sister, Mrs. Frances “Jean” Griffith, who held a manager’s position with the huge American Insurance Group (AIG) in a neighbouring skycraper, was among the dust-covered, panicked thousands running wildly from the Manhattan disaster zone towards the relative safety of the Brooklyn Bridge.   But for me, the truly unforgettable scenes that day were those of innocent people trapped up high and jumping from the burning towers.  Continue reading