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The Commonwealth: the Black and White of It – Sir Ronald Sanders

The Commonwealth: the Black and White of It

By Sir Ronald Sanders 

Thursday, August 29, 2013 –    Huntington News Net

Sir Ronald Sanders

Sir Ronald Sanders

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of the British Capital City, London, has joined in a chorus of voices in the Conservative Party that has been calling for Britain to abandon its membership of the European Union (EU) and to look instead to the Commonwealth of Nations as “countries that offer immense opportunities for British goods, people, services and capital”.

This is a huge reversal from 1971 when the then leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Britain, Edward Heath, told the House of Commons that the idea that the Commonwealth might become “an effective economic and political let alone military bloc had never been realised”.  On the contrary, he argued, it was generally accepted that that trade with the Commonwealth overseas, unlike that with the European Common Market, held no prospect of dynamic growth. Britain’s subsequent entry to what is now the European Union (EU) in 1973 put an end to any further development of the Commonwealth as preferential trading group.   Continue reading

Senior Guyanese Friendship Asso. Bazaar – Toronto – Oct 5, 2013

Senior Guyanese Friendship Association Bazaar 2013

Senior Guyanese Friendship Association Bazaar – Toronto – October 5, 2013

POLICE treat Notting Hill Carnival revellers to street dance off


Wearing high-vis jackets, the policemen took it in turns to bust a move, gyrating their hips and showing off fancy foot work before dropping to the floor in a line to ‘row the boat’

26 Aug 2013 14:08 – Daily Mirror Report

Notting Hill Carnival goers were treated to a special performance – an impromptu dance-off by the POLICE.

Three uniformed officers delighted the gathered crowds by flaunting their ‘twerking’ skills at Sunday’s street festival.

Wearing high-vis jackets, the policemen took it in turns to bust a move, gyrating their hips and showing off fancy foot work before dropping to the floor in a line to ‘row the boat’.     Continue reading

Miss World Guyana seeks your support

Miss World Guyana – Ruqayyah Boyer– seeks your support

By Tangerine Clarke  –

Miss World GuyanaMiss World Guyana Ruqayyah Boyer, spoke eloquently about her ‘queen with a cause’ platform that addresses domestic violence and bullying, during a recent Guyana Tri-State Alliance reception at the Permanent Mission of Guyana to the UN, in New York City.

The welcome reception sought support for the 23-year-old University of Guyana student, and aspiring lawyer and global ambassador, who will be leaving for Jakarta, Indonesia to compete with more than 125 contestants at the 63rd Miss World Pageant, set to take place on Sept. 28.

Read complete story in Caribbean Life News  – click here

Picture shows Miss World Guyana 2013 Ruqayyah Boyer, at the WIADCA carnival kick-off at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Tuesday, Aug, 20.

Guyana Christian Charities – Fall Dance – Toronto Sept 7, 2013

REMINDER – Guyana Christian Charities – Fall dance September 7 in Toronto Canada

Guyanese Online

GCCC Fall Dance 2013

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St. Joseph’s Alumni – Labor Day Saturday 2013 – Brooklyn NY

REMINDER – Labor Day Weekend – St. Joseph’s Alumni – Brooklyn NYC

Guyanese Online


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St. Stanislaus Alumni – Labor Day Saturday Jam – August 31- NYC

REMINDER – Labor Day Saturday – St Stanislaus Alumni – Brooklyn NYC

Guyanese Online

St Stan Laborday Comp

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Guyanese Online Newsletter – August 2013.

Guyanese Online Newsletter – August 2013.


This monthly newsletter is published by the Guyanese Online Blog. It contains news items up to the third week of August 2013.

Download: 38- Guyanese Online Newsletter – August 2013

This 38th issue has 23 pages. It features Guyana’s Parliament and Politics; Advertisements by Guyanese Associations ; Arts and Cultural News; Guest Editorial;  Other Guyana news; Agriculture, Business; Education ; Medical News; and Tourism, and our new Legal Page that focuses on USA Immigration.

It also lists the 97 Blog entries for July 2013, and those that were most popular with readers.

Cyril Bryan, Editor

The Demerara Slave Uprising and the Trial of Rev. John Smith- by Odeen Ishmael

Guyana Documentary History Series

British Parliamentary Debate on the

Trial of Rev. John Smith

Edited by Odeen Ishmael

Introduction: By Odeen Ishmael

The Demerara Slave Uprising and the trial of Rev. John Smith

From around the closing years of the eighteenth century some organisations were established in England to campaign for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies. These included the Baptist Missionary Society, the London Missionary Society, the Church Missionary Society, the Britisha nd Foreign Bible Society, the Methodist Society, and the Anti-Slavery Society formed in 1823.

The Anti-Slavery Society was very influential since among its members were the Quakers and important Members of Parliament including William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and Fowell Buxton. In April 1823 Buxton presented a motion in the House of Commons calling for a gradual abolition of slavery in all British colonies, but it was defeated because the majority felt that the abolition of slavery would leave the planters without a labour force. Instead, measures to ameliorate the condition of slaves were adopted. These ordered that female slaves should not be whipped as punishment and drivers should not carry whips in the field.    Continue reading

The Magnificent Toucan – Jewel of the Forest Canopy – By Dmitri Allicock


The Magnificent Toucan – Jewel of the Forest Canopy

By Dmitri Allicock

One of the images conjured up about the rainforest of Guyana is best exemplified by the colorful bill of the Toucan {Ramphastidae} and its Jurassic calls of a lost world. Guyana and South America are homes to a diverse range of birds which can be partly attributed to the multitude of fruits which provide sustenance for the large number of fruit eating birds including the toucans. These winged wonders carry a large variety of color combination and adorn the canopy of the rainforest.

The term Toucan derived from Tucano, a native Brazilian term for the bird and Guyana is home to 9 of the 40 species distributed from Mexico to Paraguay, including the smaller Aracaris and Toucanets. The name Toucan evokes very different images of lush rain forests and large birds with brightly colored bills.

Toucan Video –

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