‘A Conversation’ at Moray House Trust

‘A Conversation’ at Moray House Trust

20th August 2013 – Press Release

A few nights ago, Moray House Trust was pleased to host ‘A Conversation’, an exchange between Dr Rupert Roopnaraine  and Brendan de Caires. The essays in Dr. Roopnaraine’s recent prize-winning publication, ‘The Sky’s Wild Noise’, provided much of the material for discussion but the talk extended to other topics such as the challenges of undertaking critical appraisal in a small society. Moray House Trust wishes to thank The Guyana National Lottery for their sponsorship of this event.

Moray House Trust (MHT) is a legacy of the late David de Caires. It is a cultural initiative to foster and preserve artistic expression in Guyana’s diverse culture and to support and contribute to the good works of Guyanese. The mission of the Trust is to host, to support and to facilitate live local cultural events (such as music and poetry recitals, lectures, photographic presentations) and to bring creative artists (writers, poets, singers, musicians, painters, photographers) together with peers, experts and an informed audience to advance local talent.  

Since its inception 18 months ago, Moray House Trust has hosted book launches by Ian Mc Donald and Dr Roopnaraine, a republication of one of Eusi Kwayana’s works and readings by Prof. David Dabydeen and others. It has also screened a selection of local films in collaboration with CineGuyana and presented a film proposal conceived by Michael Gilkes. The Trust has hosted a series of lectures and presentations on architecture, art, photography, music, literature and history by Bert Carter, Hew Locke, Stanley Greaves, George Simon, Bobby Fernandes, Dr Vibert Cambridge and Dr Paloma Mohamed.

Rtd Major General Joe Singh has spoken about the development of Guyana’s hinterland and Stanley Ming has analysed local transportation routes and sea defences. Poetry and writing workshops have been held (with sponsorship from Scotiabank) and the Trust has hosted a master class for artists led by Stanley Greaves. In the future, Moray House Trust plans to build on these activities and to complement them with musical recitals, art exhibitions and a range of other workshops. Plans are also being made to conduct similar events beyond Georgetown.

Much of the work undertaken so far can be seen on the Trust’s website (www.morayhousetrust.com) and on its You Tube channel which now has over 100 video clips. Regular updates about activities are also provided on its Facebook page and its Twitter feed (@MorayHouseTrust). Moray House Trust’s first publication was a collection of Ian Mc Donald’s recent poetry, ‘The Comfort of All Things’. Encouraged by the reception of this volume, the Trust plans to publish a magazine that will incorporate some of the lectures and readings it has hosted and some new material.  Submissions will be invited in some categories and information about the magazine will shortly be posted on the MHT website.

Moray House Trust has just held its first Annual General Meeting of Trustees and extends thanks to Ram & Mc Rae who conducted the first audit of the Trust’s accounts pro bono. The Trust has benefitted from the assistance of a few organisations and individuals in its short lifespan. It recently welcomed several corporate members including GT&T and Houston Estates. It also said goodbye to three people who have played a key role in its development: Nadia Sagar (Director),  Andaiye, (Chair of Trustees), and Vanda Radzik, (Chair of Directors). Nadia Sagar was instrumental in establishing the legal framework for the Trust and will continue as its legal advisor. Isabelle de Caires, the new Chair of Trustees, paid tribute to all three: “ Any endeavour of this kind relies largely on the generosity, goodwill and commitment of a few key people. Nadia worked tirelessly to establish us on a sound legal footing and we are immensely grateful for her assistance. Andaiye’s calm stewardship and Vanda’s enormous energy breathed life into and articulated what was merely an idea. They have created a strong base from which we can now develop. We extend sincere thanks to Nadia, Andaiye and Vanda for their contribution to the Trust.” Moray House Trust is delighted to announce that Tivia Collins has agreed to join its Board of Directors. Tivia is a familiar face on the local performing arts scene and a promising young dramatist who has earned many accolades for her work including Best Director at the National Drama Festival and Theatre Guild Awards. Tivia joins the existing Board of Directors: Colin Cholmondeley, Clinton Urling, Nisa Surujbally, Dr Paloma Mohamed and Nicola Mendes. The Trustees of Moray House Trust are Doreen de Caires, Major General (rtd) Joseph Singh and Yesu Persaud.

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