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Carifesta kicks off with dazzling show in Suriname


Carifesta kicks off with dazzling show in Suriname

The 11th festival of arts and culture includes performances by internationally renowned Caribbean artistes as well as guest entertainers from around the world.

Wednesday August 21, 2013 – CMC – With a dazzling display of colours and laser projections of the participating country’s flags on the Presidential Palace as backdrop, Suriname staged a spectacular opening of the 11th Caribbean Festival of Arts and Culture (Carifesta XI) on Friday evening , August 16, 2013.

The Independence Square in the capital of Paramaribo was transformed into an outdoor theatre seating around 7,000 spectators, while several thousand others watched the opening ceremony on widescreens which were erected at several locations in the capital.    Continue reading

Buxton Honours Eusi Kwayana – August 21, 2013

Buxton Honours Eusi Kwayana – August 21, 2013

The Buxton First of August Movement  will be hosting a tribute to Brother Eusi Kwayana in recognition of his long and selfless public service to Guyana on Wednesday (today) August 21 at 5:30 pm at the Friendship Primary School. The tribute titled, Thank You Brother Eusi, will take the form of a Cultural Evening and a Symposium. Representatives of all political parties and organizations to which Kwayana was affiliated have been invited to tributes. These include the PPP, PNC, WPA, ACDA, ASCRIA, ASRE. Others such as AFC, Red Thread and the Pan African Organization are also expected to participate.

The First of August Movement believes that Kwayana has been a national treasure whose contributions have not been fully acknowledged by Guyana. We, therefore, hope that this tribute would serve to draw the country’s attention to the need to properly honor our outstanding sons and daughters while they are still in our midst. Brother Eusi at 88 years old continues to participate in the national debates through his regular interventions in the newspapers. . At a time when Guyana is going through a crisis of leadership, the example of Eusi Kwayana is most needed.   Continue reading

The Jordanites – by Peter Halder

Guyana Stories by Peter Halder

The Jordanites

by Peter Halder

 Colonial Era

Religion played a fundamental role in the British administration of its colony of British Guiana.

It was most probably the policy of the British that in a multiracial country with many races- African, East Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, the indigenous Amerindian, European and their inter-mixtures- and with different cultures and religious practices, the foundation, growth and spread of the Christian religion, could and would convert, indoctrinate, assimilate and unite the many races into a united nation. The colonialists went further. They recognized that the older generation was probably beyond conversion, indoctrination and assimilation, so their policy was to focus on the children, the new generation.

Churches dotted the landscape of Georgetown and environs, as well as the countryside.    Read More »

Gingerbeer With A Difference – by Peter Halder

Guyana Stories by Peter Halder

Gingerbeer With A Difference

by Peter Halder

Fr Jeremiah Holyoak of the Church at Hunter Street and Punt Trench Dam, Albouystown,  made it his duty during the Christmas Season to visit his parishioners on Boxing Day.

He finished house calls on La Penitence Street and moved on to Bel Air Street. Between James Street and Sussex Street, he came to a cottage in which lived a single mother Rachel Adams and her son Timothy. The pair attended his Church Services every Sunday morning. They were there on Christmas morning.

Fr Jeremiah rapped on the light blue wooden door.

Timothy opened the door and smiled.

“Good morning Father, how are you today?” he said.

“I’m fine thank you Timothy. I am here on my usual Christmas visit to members of my congregation. Is your mother at home?” replied Fr Jeremiah.    Read More »

Ken Corsbie in Cayman Islands (2009) – 3 videos

Ken Corsbie in Cayman Islands (2009) – 3 videos

These three videos are from a concert given by Ken Corsbie in Cayman Islands (2009) – of Caribbean Performance Poetry; the kind of material the DEM-TWO and ALL-AH-WE used throughout the Caribbean during the 1970’s. 


CARIBVOICES 2: Ken CARIBVOICES Nr2 Busman LuvLettah ByBahaiYah SmokeyJoe   Continue reading

Amerindian Heritage Month 2013 – Significant milestones to be celebrated

Significant milestones to be celebrated during this year’s Amerindian Heritage Month

https://i0.wp.com/www.capitolnewsonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/An-Amerindian-group-performing-a-dance-piece-during-the-launch-of-Amerindian-Heritage-Month-2008-September-1-2008.jpgSpeaking at a media even to launch Amerindian Heritage Month 2013, advisor to the Minister of Amerindian Affairs Yvonne Pearson said that the 2013 programme will be mixed with both cultural and educational activities.

The theme this year is “Honouring our Culture Advancing our Future”.

The Month of observances will kick off with an Interfaith Service at the Umana Yana on August 31st.   Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Videos – August 19, 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – August 19, 2013

  • African Coalition determined to construct their own monument at Parade ground
  • Caribbean Airlines to review current fare structure following a meeting with Guyana Government
  • Guyana Amazon Warriors to clash with Trinidad Red Steel in first CPL semifinal
  • APNU calls for the establishment of an Interpersonal Violence Unit to deal with domestic violence
  • Commissioner of Police appeals for help to confront the problem of domestic violence
  • Parliamentarian calls on Education Ministry to address high failure rates in CXC Math and English
  • Drug trafficking through air/sea ports makes it harder for legitimate companies

View TV News videos – click links below:

African Coalition determined to construct their own monument at Parade groundPosted: 19 Aug 2013 04:31 PM PDT –  Despite the Government’s moving apace with the construction of the 1823 monument at the Kitty seawall road, a coalition group is determined to construct their own monument at Parade ground where the African Slaves were beheaded. On Sunday the coalition held a sensitization, Remembrance and Freedom walk as the group continues to muster support and highlight […]     Continue reading
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