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Air Travel: Guyana – A debacle of no mean proportions

A debacle of no mean proportions


The Diaspora is still Guyana’s most interesting location. These are the people who seem to be paying more interest in the country than even many of the people who reside within its borders. No longer must they rely on the letters and telephone conversations from their relatives and friends back home, they have access to information from numerous quarters.

These are the people who read the newspapers online, follow the various online news links and even listen to the internet radio out of the country. To hear some of them talk about issues, you believe that they actually live in Guyana and have access to the various sources of information.  Continue reading

Guyana Education: CAPE and CSEC Results for 2013

President’s College girl tops CAPE

AUGUST 14, 2013 | KNEWS

Shalita Appadu is this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) top student making President’s College proud. Appadu, who is not new to academic success, obtained six Grade Ones in Chemistry Unit 2; Biology Unit 2; Communication Studies; Caribbean Studies; Management of Business; Economics Unit 2; and one Grade Two in Economics Unit 1. During […]

 Anna Regina Multilateral tops CSEC

AUGUST 14, 2013 | KNEWS -By Rehana Ahamad and Javone Vickerie

Two girls from the Cinderella County of Essequibo have continued their friendly academic rivalry and emerged to become the country’s top performers at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. The two Anna Regina Multilateral students secured an astonishing 18 grade ones. Zimeena Rasheed, the former C.V. Nunes […]       Continue reading

THE PILOT – by Peter Halder

Guyana Stories by Peter Halder


by Peter Halder

       I was deeply engaged in studying a file on a timber matter which I was to prosecute in court the next few days when I was interrupted  by a knock on the door of my room at the District Administration Office, Christianburg, Upper Demerara River.

Looking up angrily, I saw the Forest Ranger Berthold Baird open the door and push his head in.

Father Kilkenny is here to see you on an urgent matter,” Baird said.

“Okay, offer him a seat and tell him I will see him in a few minutes,” I replied.

I couldn’t concentrate on the file contents any longer so I closed the file and gave some thought to Fr.Kilkenny.     Read More »

THE CHANTEY – by Peter Halder

Guyana Tales by Peter Halder


    by  Peter Halder

     Fr Alfred MacTaggart was the Priest -in-charge of St.Aidan’s Anglican Church at Wismar, Upper Demerara River.

The Church’s congregation was made up of persons from Wismar, Christianburg, Silvertown, Silver City, Wismar Hill and Mackenzie.

Fr. MacTaggart hailed from Scotland and his Scottish brogue oft intrigued his congregation when he delivered his sermon on Sundays.

His elocution, for whatever reason, was often punctuated by thin streams of spit.

The Father was also well- known for his strong  tenor voice. It gave vibrancy and appeal to the Hymns sung in Church on Sundays.    Read More »

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