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The Myth of Brazil’s Racial Democracy

Another blog entry from Guyana-born Rosaliene Bacchus .. who lived in Brazil for a number of years before moving to the USA.

Three Worlds One Vision

Brazilian WomenSource: American Renaissance (www.amren.com)

In Ceará, Northeast Brazil, I blended in among the brown-skinned mestiços on the streets and buses. People of mixed ethnicity – African, European, and indigenous Amerindian – made up 61.9 percent of the population (ipece.ce.gov.br). Yet the faces smiling at me from billboards around the capital were mostly white. Accounting for 32 percent of the population, whites occupied top posts in the government, commercial banks, businesses, and professional services.

According to Brazil’s Census 2010, whites accounted for 47.5 percent of the total population. Blacks and mestiços make up 50.9 percent. Whites dominated Brazil national TV. In the 1990s when my sons were kids, Xou da Xuxa: Rainha das Baixinhas (Queen of the Little Ones) was the most popular children’s program. The hosts of popular TV night shows were also white. Whites played the major roles in the much-watched Brazilian telenovelas. Blacks and

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Ghost Cities – China

Ghost Cities – China

Uploaded on Apr 18, 2011  –  Vast new cities are being built across China at a rate of ten a year, but they remain almost completely uninhabited ghost towns. Racing to stay ahead of the world economy, is the superpower about to implode?

“There are around 64 million empty apartments in China,” claims analyst Gillem Tulloch. It’s all part of the Chinese government’s efforts to keep its economy booming and there are plenty of people who would love to move in, but the properties are priced out of the market. It’s after 2pm and in the new city of Dongguan shop owner Tian Yu Gao is yet to serve a single customer. “It’s a bit boring,” he sighs. His open shop is a rare sight in the Great Mall: once heralded by the New York Times as proof of China’s astonishing consumer culture, today it is an eerie vista of emptiness. “It can’t stay this way,” insists Tulloch, “when the bubble bursts, it will impoverish vast numbers of people”.

    Tin City Voices – Ghetto life in Guyana – documentary

    GUYANA: Tin City Voices official trailer

    Tin City Voices – Ghetto life in Guyana – documentary

    Published on Aug 6, 2013

    The story of rebirth in the confines of poverty! …. in Guyana

    ‘Tin City Voices’ is the story of survival in a third world slum. Filmmaker Elijah Marchand explores a shantytown in Georgetown, Guyana. We discover an abused woman, a pregnant mother, and a man struggling to find redemption for his violent life. Their lives do not intersect but run parallel. Through a stirring story about rebirth and forgiveness amongst despair and violence, we uncover the psychological environment that confines those in the ghetto.

    Thanks to Rosaliene Bacchus for making me aware of this video.

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