Guyana Cultural Asso. of New York Magazine – July 2013

GCA – JULY_2013_OnLine_Magazine_[download]


PAGE 3: – GCA Awards: Clive Lloyd & Peter Halder

PAGE 4:- Tribute To Maurice – Ron Bobb-Semple

PAGE 5-7: A Pollen from God’s Flower- Derrick Jeffrey

PAGE 8: Mr. Mo and the Children’s Workshop

PAGE 9: Minty Alley

PAGE 10: Tributes to Maurice Braithwaite

PAGE 11: Collin “Bumble” Wharton

PAGE 12-14: GCA Awards Announcement

AGE 15-21: Folk Festival Family Day     

AGE 22-23: Come to My Kwe Kwe     PAGE 24: Folk Festival Calendar of Events

PAGE 25: Emancipation 2013 in pictures        PAGE 26-28: Emancipation 2013

PAGE 29: Booth Space Rental- Family Day         PAGE 30-31: Erwin Edwards-The King Souflantis

PAGE 32-33: UG delegation visits OHIO University  PAGE 34-35: Kaieteur Falls; an old favorite

PAGE 36-37: Godfrey Chin Prize               PAGE 38: Community Events

The Media Team – Editors   Cover Design   – Claire A. Goring

Layout & Design –     Claire A. Goring & Ashton Franklin   Copy Editors – Edgar Henry & Lear Matthews


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