Ruling PPP concludes its 30th Congress in Berbice – no surprises

PPP concludes its 30th Congress in Berbice – no surprises

Capitol News August 5, 2013  – Predictability was the hallmark of this PPP Congress; from its tight control of any dissenting voices, choosing the obvious leaders to run the party, and so much more; but one thing was for sure – it wants back control of the National Assembly.

Leading the charge was General Secretary and Head of State Donald Ramotar. The party chose him to lead it to victory at the last elections; he brought in the worst defeat the party has seen since it took the seat of Government in 1992. Delegates at the Congress have kept their confidence in him nevertheless, scoring him the highest at the elections to elect a new central committee, with former President Bharrat Jagdeo coming in just behind. Now, Ramotar wants to steer the party back to where it should be, majority control of the National Assembly.  

A major problem within the party has been disunity. Some of its brightest minds have either left or been kicked out – starting with Khemraj Ramjattan, then Moses Nagamootoo, who now make up the AFC and are giving the PPP a run for its money in the PPP heartland – Berbice, the very place it return to for its reawakening session. And the biggest headache for the PPP has been the fallout with another heavyweight, Ralph Ramkarran and so the party is desperate to close its ranks and so strengthen itself and avoid other losses.

The party is still trying to come to grips with how it lost the majority in the National Assembly to the opposition; for one, its youth arm, was ready to be frank about one of the issues.

A broad consensus among the PPP is that it needs to get back its grassroots’ support, and President Ramotar used the tagline of the now defunct Pro-Indian party of Ravi Dev, ROAR, to outline the job that has to be done – rise, organise and rebuild.

The election of a new central committee will lead the way for the appointment of Central Executive Committee that will hopefully do the job of rejuvenating the PPP.

PPP Central Committee - 2013

PPP Central Committee – 2013     (Stabroek News)

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