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Lord Bishop William Piercy Austin of British Guiana – By Dmitri Allicock

Lord Bishop William Piercy Austin (1807 – 1892) of British Guiana

Bishop Austin

Anglican Bishop Dr. William Piercy Austin

Honoring our heritage must be as natural as breathing for it is indeed the foundation on which you stand. Many great individuals of early British Guiana have been lost to the fog of history but the legacy of Anglican Bishop Dr. William Piercy Austin lives on in Guyana. Bishop William Piercy Austin’s ideas and diligent contributions gave rise to the academic pursuits in Guyana for which he is recognized as one of the most outstanding individuals in the history of the Colony of    British Guiana.

William Piercy Austin was born at a small inn in Stone, Stafford, England, on the November 7, 1807. He was a son of William Austin {1759-1817} and Mehetabel Piercy {1782-1852} of Plantation Land of Plenty, in Essequibo, and in his youth spent some years in the colony. He was educated at Hyde Abbey School, near Winchester, from whence he proceeded to Exeter College, Oxford .

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Brazil – Slavery and struggle for racial equality – 2 videos

Here are two video documentaries on Brazil

Brazil – An Inconvenient History – BBC

This  is a documentary of Slavery in Brazil abolished on May 11, 1888,. the last country to officially abolish this practice  in the Americas.  Brazil,in 400 years,imported over four million slaves, mostly from Angola, its colony in South West Africa. 

 Brazil in Black and White | PBS   Continue reading

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