Can Babu John save a declining PPP? – by Ralph Seeram


JULY 21, 2013 | BY KNEWS |   By Ralph Seeram 

We knew for sure we were in for a severe “cut ass”. My cousin Eric and I had broken a most important rule of my aunt; do not go and play without permission. More important do not go beyond the immediate home surroundings. Not only did we venture beyond the immediate area but we were missing for about two hours.

One of my cousins met us at the gate and gleefully told us to prepare for “licks”. My aunt was a strict disciplinarian. She had to be; she had eleven children of her own plus me. Now you may be wondering, what was our major infraction of the rules? Well we went to the Babu John foreshore to catch birds.

Yes a group of friends decided to go to the Babu John foreshore, where flocks of birds gathered to feast on shrimps and fishes on the foreshore, the very foreshore on which Cheddi Jagan was cremated.     

We basically had one person chasing the flock and we threw cast nets to catch the birds. We caught hundreds, and divided them among ourselves and headed home. As my cousin and I were about to enter our yard we were greeted by another cousin who with some measure of satisfaction told us to “prepare for licks”.

We were already prepared, so when my aunt asked where we went, we told her we went to Babu John and showed her our catch. To our amazement she calmly told us to clean up the birds and bring them to her to cook. That was it; she loved bird meat; the birds of Babu John saved our hide from a licking. Today the question is, can Babu John save the PPP?

The PPP is returning to Babu John at Port Mourant for its congress—Port Mourant the birth and memorial site of its founder leader Cheddi Jagan.  Port Mourant was considered the heart of the PPP, and I use the word “was” in a relative sense. There was a time when you dare not say anything “bad” about the PPP to the people of Port Mourant. Now the people of Port Mourant are speaking “bad” of the PPP. That’s how far the PPP has declined.

The evidence became very clear at the elections in 2011, where the AFC made inroads in the PPP stronghold… But don’t tell that to Clement Rohee and company. They delude themselves that everything is going smoothly within the party; there is no disunity in the rank and file.
Clement Rohee is either an idiot or in “la la land” to not realize that the PPP is in deep trouble. The former maybe closer when you consider the idiotic statements he made in his mathematical equation, using the initials of Ralph Ramkarran, Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan.

The PPP has lost support even among its base support, sugar workers.

Will congress at Babu John map out a plan for the PPP to retain its former glory? Some in the party may wonder why the party is losing support in a thriving economy. Despite what some may argue, the PPP government has done a great job in terms of the economy. The answer is what most Guyanese are aware off, the corrupt nature of some in Government.

In case they have not noticed the PPP has been losing votes consistently at each election culminating with them losing the House at the 2011 election. Today they are paying the price for that. In fact, the Guyanese public is paying the price as the APNU and AFC opposition keeps decimating their projects and development plans, such as the new airport, the Marriott Hotel, the subsidy to electricity and now the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.

President Donald Ramotar must be frustrated by these irresponsible actions of the opposition parties. Most of these plans were formulated by former President Bharrat Jagdeo and it’s ironic, as the general feelings are that Jagdeo cost them the election.

So what’s the way forward for the PPP? What changes will congress at Babu John make? Ralph Ramkarran has spelt it out for the PPP. He made a road map for the recovery, and those delegates attending should read his piece. For some in the PPP, instead of paying attention to what he said, like Rohee, they attacked him. Some of the PPP mouthpieces and soup drinkers went to the internet to attack Ramkarran’s character.  Instead of paying attention to the message they are attacking the messenger.

President Ramotar, I am sure, wants to make some changes. I gathered this much during my interview with him a few months ago. But he will need the assistance of delegates at the forth coming congress at Babu John. Delegates will have to vociferously voice their concerns about the corruption in the Party; they will have to sweep out the new elite that have drifted away from the ideals from its founder Cheddi Jagan.

The President, I am sure, is looking forward to the Congress to strengthen “his hand” to make significant changes. He is aware of what needs to be done, but those PPP delegates who are disenchanted will have to give him the support he needs.

One must remember that those at the top control the “pie”, they may want to retain their position by doling out small pieces of the “pie” to delegates. Promises of jobs, position and perks can be tempting. There will be some serious internal campaigning by the elite to retain their position, these elites really do not care about the survival of the PPP, they care about their bank accounts and that is what delegates have to pay attention to.

So the question is, will Babu John save the PPP ship from sinking further, or will they steer it in the direction Ralph Ramkarran mapped out for them?[see article link below]   The last PPP congress was three years ago. Who knows if the next one will be three years from now well past the next election? This makes this Babu John congress crucial for the survival of the party.

Babu John saved my cousin and me from a licking. Can Babu John save the PPP from a severe licking at the next election?

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  • de castro  On 07/24/2013 at 6:46 am

    Ha ha Ha!
    Ralph that was an informative bit of inunendo writing…started reading
    and did not finish before commenting….as am in hilarious laughter…
    I am also acountryboy and not only went bird catching but crab catching..
    Golden Grove beach and back dam….knee jerk response..

    Not wishing to “influence” or “engage” in political issues of de fatherland
    not comment further…
    Will read on and refrain from further comments…

    Thanks for the amusing babu john story was funny…..


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