Jeff Corwin in Guyana – By Dmitri Allicock

Jeff Corwin in Guyana

By Dmitri Allicock

 Born on July, 11,1967, Jeffrey Corwin– is an American animal and nature conservationist, best known as host and executive producer of the Animal Planet cable channel television programs The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin’s Quest.

Jeff Corwin explores the Guyana Shield, the dense rain forest that thousands of “giants” call home in Guyana. He discovers the largest toad found in South America, the largest freshwater turtle, and the largest creature equipped with a giant tongue.

See links for three videos:

VIDEO 2 of 3     

VIDEO 3 of 3


The mysterious deep uncharted mist- shrouded rainforest of Guyana is home to a lost world of many fascinating giants and secrets of our time- some yet to be discovered.

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  • de castro  On July 23, 2013 at 6:26 am

    These are the type of footages that can promote eco tourism….
    but tourism en-masse must be controlled/limited …
    their numbers and frequency….regulated by enacted laws or self
    regulated laws.
    Southern Spain and Portugal are now dismantling their en-masse
    Accommodation sky rise blocks on their beaches replacing them
    with upmarket villas with pools catering for families holiday accommodation/markets….yoboism (binge drinking tourists) are
    a nuisance to the local/permanent residents along their coastal towns.
    Many north European tourists are looking further south and east for
    their once a year holidays….markets must adjust or loose their lure…
    Guyana is unique in this with 90 % jungle amazonia….it just needs
    to look towards a sustainable approach to its tourist industry…with
    affordable access by air/sea/trains/road/tracks regulated/controlled/monitored
    So as not to destroy its pristine rain Forrest….and its habitat….
    Highways built with under passages for wild animals to cross its
    high speed links…as an example..
    All sounds a bit far fetched ….but one should never kill the goose
    that lays the golden egg…in development of its eco tourist industry.

    Easy access will increase numbers both “nationally and internationally”
    but if these numbers become excessive it can become a hazard/disaster.
    People who take a eco holiday are conscious of our enviormental
    issues and will return to support these protectionist policies.

    Sustainable eco tourism is the future….Guyana’s future.
    Among other industries…rice/sugar/agriculture/manufacturing etc etc

    The way forward


  • Clyde Duncan  On July 23, 2013 at 8:53 am

    I would strongly recommend you heed all medical advisories and see your doctor about 2-months prior to departure for Guyana – better yet, see a specialist in tropical diseases:

  • de castro  On July 24, 2013 at 5:53 am

    Thanks for that important “medical advice” for anyone wishing to visit
    Guyana especially if they intend to venture into the Amazon.
    Last November my Guyanese friend and I did the trip from GT
    to Lethem by van in a convoy of 4 vehicles….
    Needles to say we were stuck in mud at 3 am on a soggy patch
    of the track and had to be pulled to safety….bad driver.
    We eventually reached Lethem safely then took an air-conditioned
    Coach from Lethem to Boa Vista Brazil…a 45 minutes journey
    for 21 reals (7 pounds) on good road in comfort.
    Neither of us had any inoculations but “miraculously”
    survived the epic journey back to UK …..we did take some commonsence
    precautions on the GT Let hem GT journies.
    We. Flew Virgin Atlantic to Barbados but unfortunately
    had booked the Bdos GT leg with REDJET which went belly-up
    before so had to rebook with LIAT at triple the price
    ..we never received a penny back from RED JET or their
    Liquidators as they were not covered by AIATA orABTA …

    I WELCOME A HIGHWAY/DUAL CARRIAGE for my November journey
    GT to LETHEM but politricks dilly-dallying and corruption stands in the way.
    Dilma the Brazil (Lula s successor) presidente has made the offer to build
    the highway but Suriname (Dutch) will now have one first….
    Opportunity lost….dilma is anti-corruption in government as she
    navigates as head of state in Brazil…2014 world cup 2016 Olympics
    Et All…..
    Wake up Guyana and Guyanese or you may drown in your sleep…..


  • de castro  On July 24, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Thanks for that bit of “medical” advice which most who wish to travel
    into the Amazon will heed….
    Last November my Guyanese friend and I travelled into the Amazon
    from GT by van in a convoy of 4 vehicles of passengers….
    Needless to say we were stuck in mud at 3 in the morning and
    had to be “pulled/pushed” out of the mud….drivers error.
    We were travelling to Lethem …we were booked on Virgin Airlines
    to Barbados(jumbo) and unfortunately booked on Redjet to GT.
    Redjet went belly-up before we left Gatwick so had to re-book
    with List at triple the price I may add !
    We never received a penny compensation or refund by REDJET
    liquidators….not members of IATA or ABTA…not insured.
    A licence should never be issued to any start up airlines
    unless full refunds are guaranteed if they “default” on their
    customers……or they are insured against such misfortunes.

    In November we are visiting GT again but still looking for other
    options available to GT …..not many ! Prices unaffordable !
    We fly to UK BDOS for less than a return trip BDOS GT BDOS……
    WHY ? No ferries,liners,or paddle boats….over water is cheapest
    form of transport ….not overland or air ! Fact ! Competition is
    missing in the transport sector of carribean….Latin america.
    Hope this changes and sooner the better.
    Most Guyanese on Brazil borders already speak English/Portuguese
    a comment I read recently from a resident in the border
    He does not know if he is a GUYBRAZ or BRAZGUY !
    It brought a smile to my “miserable” old farts face. !




    my vision and spin entirely
    Kamptan copyright protected !

  • Wendy H Barnwell  On September 27, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Amazing Dmitri! So much more to discover and learn!

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