Have we lost the Good Times forever by Naraine Datt


 By Naraine Datt  (aka Norman Datt)


A foreigner would have no clue

Looking at me and yes you too

For our very beautiful land would mesmerize them

But reaching Georgetown they would see a problem

Should they not ever go to Georgetown

And think we still worship the Crown

Guyana would be in their good books

Still steeped in hospitality and good looks  

And visiting the villages in the country side

Or walking on the seawall by the waterside

They would hear the happy banter of Guyanese

With both major races trying to live with ease

Kids of all races playing together

At school in foul and fair weather

People planting reaping and some sowing

Neighbours quarreling then back to loving

Chatting in patwa and musical cacophony

With an admixture of counrtry and chatney

There is no fighting as stated in the newspaper

What is all the fuss about everything is kosher

And the little man said to the foreigner quietly

Mister Come  Election time then you will see

And there lies the problem with good old Guyana

The once sought after El Dorado of South America

The only country rich in the English language

Between Brazil and Venezuela like a sandwich

Even Sir Walter Raleigh visited Guyana

Searching for the Golden city of Manoa

Jagan and Burnham gave us Independence

The cold war politics kept us in suspense

Then came Jagdeo whom we thought was goodman

He turned out to be an opportunist not a good fan

Enter President Ramoutar to right the wrongs

But we are still hearing the same old songs

In between the two parties the Guyanes are caught

It become worse when one side shouts apanjahaat

As our leaders trying  to keep a sane balance

Refusing to cooperate for shared governance

So far the darn two party system have failed

Left us in awe when bad facts are unveiled

Can’t produce a cohesive society

Then they ran away like banshee

They start out with good intentions

Listened to the peoples’ cotentions

But got weak in the knees succumbed

And their little brains got benumbed

Their main produce being nepotism and corruption

Stashing away millions and wasting many a billion

The freedom being independent is a disappointment

Leaders with no decorm suffering from an ailment

We threw off the colonial shackle

Instead of building a strong tackle

To call our bleddy own brand

We bury our heads in the sand

As the littleman  is now an aimless man

Knowing not where to turn even if he can

Whom to trust or who is hiding the truths

Left with a land of unemployed lost youths

Being pulled into a quagmire

Making him feel like a pissmire

The real Guyanese is now a man very lost

He just wanted to live in peace at any cost

And he gazes above and wonder

Cease being a blamer now a boozer

Lord how much more can I stand my friend

And he wondered loudly when would it end

If perchance you go by the eroding seawall

He is there looking out wondering with a pal

And the foreigner passed by asking

What’s wrong with these Guyanese people

No husbandry for such a beautiful country?

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  • Cliff Thomas  On 07/13/2013 at 10:18 pm

    I have always said “Get rid of Mayor Green”. He doesn’t warrant his salt in the M&CC. When the citizens of Georgetown learn? When will APNU learn? Green is a spent force and should be removed urgently.

  • de castro  On 07/14/2013 at 9:20 am

    Sometimes its an economic decision…..sometimes political
    …sometimes its then individual s choice.
    I do not know if the mayorship of GT was a political process
    But the LONDON mayorship is contested yearly but seldom
    The individuals become elected three or four consequitive years
    BORIS JOHNSON has had a second year running ….doubt if he will be
    Given a third chance….3 years is a long time in politricks….and so is 3 days….
    He is a maverick politician with ambition to become next leader of
    his Tory party…keeps DAVID CAMERON awareness !!
    I don’t dislike BORIS but unfortunately he will be removed for what he
    judged/got wrong….most are judged for their mistakes not their achievements
    at my cynical best
    Let’s hope Mr green does the right thing….

  • Thinker  On 07/14/2013 at 10:38 pm

    The poet is dealing with more fundamental issues than Hamilton Green.no point in going off on a tangent. Consider all his works and have the backbone to evaluate.

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