Brazil: Bouncing Back During a Financial Crisis

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Three Worlds One Vision

Brazilian Invoice for Sample Shipment of HammocksInvoice for Sample Shipment of Brazilian Hammocks to the USA
August 1999


As a mother and breadwinner in my family, I could not fall apart when Ceará Importers* cut my work-hours and pay in half. I had to remain strong and focused. I had to maintain my equilibrium. There was no room for self-pity, anger or hopelessness. My sons, then fourteen and sixteen years old, depended on me for survival. Together, we found ways of cutting our expenses to the bone. We had to support each other to get through this period of financial difficulty.

In search of a new work contract, I spent the first three months meeting with business contacts. The year 1999 was a tough time to find work at any level. Brazil’s economy was in shambles as a result of the collapse of the Asian and Russian economies. The unemployment rate rose daily. Consumption…

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