On the Street Where I Lived – Updated – by Peter Halder

On the Street Where I Lived – Updated

by Peter Halder

I was born, grew up and lived for many years on a virtually unknown street in Guyana.

It’s name is Non Pareil Street and it’s in Albouystown. My family consisted of my father and mother, Ershad and Mary Halder , three brothers – Bonnie, Felix and Vernon, all of whom have passed away, and two sisters – Leila and Bernice. My niece, Olivia (Livy) Kissoon later came to live with us. She now lives in Toronto, Canada. Her Mom Leila had migrated to Trinidad, then England and now lives in Cyprus. Bernice now lives in Orlando, Florida.

Albouystown is the long, narrow southern suburb of Georgetown, often called a “slum area” due to its “long ranges” of one room homes, some thickly populated “yards”, latrines for the use of landlord and tenants and to a minor extent, crime.     [Read more]

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  • Oz  On 12/21/2015 at 8:40 pm

    Can anyone tell me about 95 Bell Air Street, Albouystown, Georgetown?
    I was born there in 1955 and grew up there until I left in 1966.

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