Protests in Brazil: The people have awakened – Rosaliene Bacchus

Guyana-born Rosaliene Bacchus, who lived with her two sons in Fortaleza Ceará in Brazil for 17 years, comments on the protests in Brazil.
Thanks Rosaliene.

Three Worlds One Vision

Protests in Brazil - Fortaleza - Ceara - 20 June 2013Protests in Brazil – Fortaleza – Ceará – 20 June 2013


This past week, the magnitude of the protests across Brazil took me by surprise. On June 6th, I had paid little attention to news about protests in São Paulo against a 20-cent rise in bus and train fares. That happened often in Fortaleza and other Brazilian cities during the sixteen years me and my sons lived in Brazil, and in subsequent years.

My attention was riveted on events taking place in Fortaleza. On Facebook, I followed plans for a mass demonstration against violence. Already a grave concern when we lived in Fortaleza. On June 13th, over three thousand protestors crammed major streets, displaying red-painted hands. Their slogan: Fortaleza Apavorada:Basta! (Fortaleza Terrified: Enough!)

In the meantime, over 1,800 miles down south in São Paulo, the number of demonstrators in the streets had grown from 500 to…

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