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A Father’s Enduring Legacy

A Happy Father’s Day to Fathers Worldwide…

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Last Wednesday, the father of a dear friend in Brazil would have celebrated his ninetieth birthday. He died twenty-three years ago, leaving a void in my friend’s life. Maria described her father as a quiet, simple, and observant person who did everything he could for his children. His greatest legacy to her was his kindness towards others less fortunate.

Once, Maria recounted, on the street where they lived, the father of a poor family died. Knowing that the family of the deceased could not afford the burial costs, Maria’s father stopped by at the family’s residence and sent her in to call his widow. He told the woman to bury her husband and send the bill to him for payment.

For Maria this was such a great lesson that, since that incidence, she cannot be indifferent to the suffering of others.

After reading Maria’s story about her…

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Father’s Day: Hubern Isaacs fathered 43

Hubern Isaacs fathered 43

JUNE 16, 2013 | BY  |   By Zena Henry 

It is safe to say that whether ‘ole skool’ or contemporary, every man prides himself on seeing his offspring. It is even more auspicious when the number of children born to a man is great because according to societal behaviours, that gives him his ‘ratings’.  Well if that be the case, rate Mr. Hubern Randolph Isaacs also known to his friends as ‘ the Beast’.

The 79-year-old who was raised at Lot 44 Supply, East Bank Demerara, fathered 43 children. Back in his days, the ladies nicknamed him ‘Nice Boy’; because of his persona. He was charmer, but what drew them close Isaacs said, was his wonderful voice, for he had a knack for singing.

Mr. Isaacs flanked by some of his off spring, the youngest to far left.

‘And boy I used to dress. I also did calypso. I was 1977’s CARIFESTA champion so the girls used to run behind the old man.” But while all was well with the ladies, Isaacs noted that the men were annoyed. They hid their women because they feared that whenever the ‘Beast’ was around, it was no time to ‘slumber with your chick.’   Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day – by Alicia Anderson

Fathers Day Poem

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