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East Orange NJ, celebrates Guyana’s 47th Independence Anniversary

The City of  East Orange NJ. USA,  celebrate Guyana’s 47th Independence Anniversary, and their 150th Anniversary as a City

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Our Credit Score: A Number that Defines & Divides Us – Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Components of Your FICO Credit ScoreComponents of Our FICO Credit Score
Source: www/consumerismcommentary.com


Numbers are an integral part of our lives. From an early age, they define who we are as individuals: age, height, and weight. We occupy space and status in the world, evident by our residential street number and zip code.

The older we get the more numbers we accumulate: social security, bank accounts, credit cards, driver’s license, and passport. These numbers define our personhood and achievements.

Then there is our credit score.

Based mainly on our payment and credit use history – see above chart – the credit score indicates our risk as borrowers. On a scale of 300 to 850, the higher our score, preferably in the 700s, the more attractive we become to money lenders. There’s no hassle to get a loan to buy our dream car, that house in the suburbs perfect for our kids, or enroll…

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