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140,000 Guyanese living in New York City – survey

140,000 Guyanese living in New York City – survey

JUNE 8, 2013 · Stabroek News
There are about 140,000 Guyanese immigrants living in New York City, according to the latest American Community Survey figures, published in today’s [JUNE 8, 2013]  New York Times.

The report says that it makes them the fifth-largest foreign-born population in the city. While many Afro-Guyanese immigrants have settled among other Afro-Caribbean immigrants in places like Canarsie and Flatbush in Brooklyn, Guyanese of South Asian descent are concentrated in large numbers in Richmond Hill and neighbouring Ozone Park.

Here is the entry  on Guyanese in the New York Times article:    Continue reading

West Indian Cricket Songs – 15 videos autoplay

The  2013 Champions Trophy for One Day Cricket  (ODI) is now in progress in England.  Dwayne Bravo is the new captain for this ODI series. We wish them all success!!     

Here are some old cricket songs that may bring back some memories of West Indian Cricket…

Guyana: 2013 Grade Six Assessment (‘Common Entrance’) Results

Note – Link to 2014 Results here  < click

Guyana’s National Grade Six Assessment (‘Common Entrance’) Results 2013


The results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) written on 25 March and 26 March 2013 have been released to schools.  See the complete list below. 

Sixteen thousand eight hundred and eleven (16,811) candidates were entered for this assessment. These candidates also wrote the National Grade Two Assessment in 2009 and the National Grade Four Assessment in 2011. The results being released give a report on the candidates’ overall performance at the three assessments.              Continue reading

Peg Leg George of Sebacabra – by Dmitri Allicock


 By Dmitri Allicock

 A boat ride of time-travel which offers just a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors is not unlike a text or message from the past and, for a brief moment, their immortal spirit lives once more. A special opportunity revealed in the realization that our fragile existence might be made just a little more secure by our appreciation of them.

 The history of early life in Guyana is enacted by the natural highways and significance of its waterways, the other regions in which the populated coastal plain settled and explored were those lands of the forest interior which lie along the rivers whose banks strung sparse villages of settlement. Along these rivers, including that of the Demerara, have carried the native people, adventurers, traders, and planters who carved their estates out of jungle and created history.

Read more:  Peg Leg George of Sebacabra  – by Dmitri Allicock

“Trick Shot Titus” – 2.5 yrs old – basketball hoops star – video

Trick Shot Titus 2 – Trick shot video

Published on May 29, 2013   –  Not yet two-and-a-half years old, Titus shows off his new game with series of shots even more difficult than in his original viral video.

Special thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and Gregg Marshall who had important things to do and still made time for us.  Thanks to Kristin, Isabel, Ansel, and Lincoln (Titus’ mother and siblings) who also had a lot to do but never fail to love and support Titus — even when he misses…which he never does.

Here is the original Trick Shot Video that has over 11.4  million hits to date..   Continue reading

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